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Highlighting The Keys To Securing Repeat Business

Highlighting The Keys To Securing Repeat Business

Having customers is great. Having repeat customers is even better! But how can you be sure that the people who have already made purchases in your store will be willing to come back? It’s all about ensuring that you focus on the keys to securing repeat business!

Key #1: Be the one to initiate contact.

Yes, every relationship is a two-way street. But, as a business owner, you should never sit back and assume that your customers will make the first move. The fact that they have visited your store in the past is no guarantee that they will return. That is, of course, unless you reach out to them to inform them that their business matters to you.

“I know it’s hard to believe, but your customers aren’t devoting nearly as much time to thinking about your business as you are,” reminds Kevin Harrington on Forbes.com, “They’ve got lives of their own, and sometimes they even forget that you exist! Let them know from time to time that you’re still around and kicking. It doesn’t have to be (and probably shouldn’t be) aggressive or salesy—after all, you’ve already sold them once. A simple ‘We’ve got a new product you might really like!’ is all it takes to let them know.”

Key #2: Offer exclusive benefits.

Who doesn’t like the feeling of belonging to something special? When you communicate to your customers that they are special to you, they will be a lot more likely to support your brand on an ongoing basis. And what’s more special than getting exclusive access to products, discounts and freebies? The “exclusive” feel is one that customers appreciate. Be sure to reward those who have supported you in the past and they’ll be prone to supporting you in the future.

“Everyone likes getting special access to things, and your customers are no different,” affirms Ben Feldman on Affirm.com, “To capture their interest, offer them exclusive access to sales and discounts before they are available to the general public. Give your repeat customers at least 1 to 2 days of early access so they feel like they are receiving a meaningful advantage.”

Key #3: Place more emphasis on the customer experience than on your products.

Creating memorable experiences is the name of the game. Keep in mind that your customers are well aware that you have competition. If your competitors sell the same or similar products, there must be a stark difference between the types of experiences provided by the businesses. On WaspBarcode.com, Brian Sutter admits that he considers his experiences with a brand and its customer service over the items it sells and the pricing.

“The need for exceptional customer service will only continue to grow,” he insists, citing a survey that determined what people constitute as poor customer service, “Respondents gave four main causes of disappointment: Poor or slow response time (35 percent); a lack of useful employee empowerment to help (31 percent); poorly trained staff (30 percent); and complaints over the quality of and/or consistency of information given by staff (24 percent).”

At TK Enterprises Inc., we believe so strongly in the above mentioned keys to securing repeat business that we offer a one-of-a-kind service that keeps all three of them in mind. Our Retail Event Marketing services make use of an expert team of phone agents who initiate contact with your customers. Offering them exclusive invites to your jewelry store’s upcoming in-store event, our team emphasizes the importance of the customer relationship in order to encourage both attendance at your event and long-term loyalty.

This unique approach to marketing has been proven to be highly successful! For more information about our Retail Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!

Showing How Your Jewelry Store Is A Cut Above The Rest

Showing How Your Jewelry Store Is A Cut Above The Rest

In many of our blogs, we have highlighted the fact the jewelry purchase is unlike any other. It’s not quite the same as buying a television, a smartphone or a car. Yes, those are all considered big ticket items as well, so they do have something in common with rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches. However, the uniqueness of a jewelry purchase is found in the sentimental value that is often placed upon it.

As a jeweler, you’re well aware than many consumers purchase jewelry as gifts for loved ones. Especially with Mother’s Day coming up, you’re likely to be welcoming many a customer who is shopping for mom this week. Generally, there is love, admiration and care for recipients of jewelry purchases. Therefore, the ways in which jewelry is sold need to encompass compassion, empathy and genuine concern for the customer’s satisfaction.

Insist upon a storewide dedication to excellent customer service.

In order to demonstrate that your store is a cut above the rest, you’ll have to ensure that your customers experience enjoyable interactions with your staff each and every time they visit your store. That means that no matter who is serving your customers, the same approach to excellent customer service is used.

Obviously, it’s important to train your staff adequately. “It’s important to make sure all of your employees, not just your customer service representatives, understand the way they should talk to, interact with, and problem-solve for customers,” advises small business expert, Alyssa Gregory on TheBalance.com, “Provide employee training that gives your staff the tools they need to carry good customer service through the entire customer experience.”

Product knowledge is a key ingredient to superior customer service.

Jewelry shoppers need to have confidence that they are making the right purchases. Many are hesitant to spend large sums of money if they’re not absolutely sure that the pieces they are buying are of high-quality and are uniquely designed to satisfy the tastes of their recipients. Where a product is made, who manufactured it and what elements make up its design are facets of your jewelry that your customers may want to know.

Making sure your staff is fully prepared to answer questions is vital to your store’s reputation. “In order to provide good customer service, you need to know what you’re selling, inside and out,” insists Gregory, “Make sure you — and all of your customer-facing staff — know how your products or services work. Be aware the most common questions customers ask, and know how to articulate the answers that will leave them satisfied.”

Don’t take your customers for granted.

Simply assuming that your customers will keep coming back to you is a bad business practice. It’s on you to keep coming back to your customers! Letting your existing customers know that you have their best interests at heart is an effective way to encourage repeat business. Showing that you’ve listened to and understood their concerns is an important step in keeping them away from your competitors.

The one-of-a-kind Retail Event Marketing services provided by TK Enterprises Inc. utilize the all-important concept of catering to existing customers. Our highly-experienced and friendly team of phone agents gets on the phone with your customers to invite them to your store’s upcoming in-store events. It’s a marketing strategy with proven results! Truly separating themselves from their competition, our clients have enjoyed long-term success by extending such exclusive invites to their customers.

If you’re interested in showing how your jewelry store is a cut above the rest, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!

Jewelry Remains Among The Most Popular Mother’s Day Gifts

Jewelry Remains Among The Most Popular Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day coming up in less than two weeks, people from all over North America are in pursuit of the best possible gifts to celebrate their mommies. As you can imagine, a huge amount of flowers and boxes of chocolates are bound to be sold over the course of the next week and a half. But according to a recent survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics for the National Retail Federation (NRF), jewelry will be the highest-selling Mother’s Day gift.

36 percent of consumers plan to spend $5 billion on jewelry.

As reported by James Limbach on ConsumerAffairs.com, jewelry sales bring retailers the highest profits during this time of year. He notes that the survey found that there is an expected increase of overall spending for Mother’s Day this year, driven largely by an expected 19 percent spike in jewelry sales. The survey also found that $4.2 billion will be spent on special Mother’s Day dinners and brunches, while $2.6 billion will be spent on flowers.

“With spring in full bloom, many Americans are looking forward to splurging on their mothers this Mother’s Day,” NRF President and CEO, Matthew Shay is quoted as saying in the article, “Retailers will be ready with a wide range of gift options and a variety of promotions for their customers.”

Jewelry is considered the “best received” Mother’s Day gift.

Buying jewelry to celebrate mommy is nothing new. The popularity of jewelry as a Mother’s Day gift appears to be a growing trend. A 2015 survey conducted by the March of Dimes found that the best received Mother’s Day gift was jewelry.

“The survey, which looked at gift purchasing habits, found that jewelry remains the most popular tangible, store-bought gift, with more than half of all adult children surveyed (ages 16 to 24 years) reporting buying jewelry for their moms for Mother’s Day,” reports their website.

Favored jewelry pieces vary from state to state.

Perhaps, the most interesting of Mother’s Day survey findings is found in Google’s 2004 to 2015 analysis of search data. As Julie Shapiro of Time Magazine reports, people from all over the United States seem to celebrate Mother’s Day in very unique ways. While states like Alaska seem to favor the “love poem” as a choice Mother’s Day gift, many others are keen on searching for various pieces of jewelry.

According to the Google analysis (which monitored searches that included both “Mother’s Day” and “gift” in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day during the decade-long period), several states had jewelry listed as their top search choices. Among them were Arkansas (jewelry), Florida (locket), Idaho (bracelet charm), Iowa (necklace), Louisiana (ring), Nevada (diamond pendant), New York (charm bracelet), Ohio (Forever heart necklace) and Texas (birthstone rings).

Maximize your Mother’s Day jewelry sales!

At TK Enterprises Inc., we proudly offer jewelry retailers our one-of-a-kind Retail Event Marketing services to promote their upcoming in-store events. Our highly experienced phone agents can contact your existing customers on your behalf in order to offer exclusive invitations to your Mother’s Day sales event. History has shown that offering personal invites to upcoming in-store events helps to significantly boost sales.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day indeed! For more information about our Retail Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to have someone contact you!