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Unveiling The Benefits Of Hosting Your Own In-Store Event

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Quite obviously, there exists a wide range of advertising ideas and marketing methods to catch the attention of the general public. Between billboards, print ads, radio spots and television commercials, we are all inundated with advertising on a daily basis. And, in a way, that’s the problem with all of the above mentioned marketing methods. With so many of them, they begin to spill into one another, leaving no particularly-unique impressions on the people who encounter them.

But then you have the face-to-face meeting. Actual personal interactions simply can’t be beat no matter how effective your marketing campaigns may seem. Even in today’s technology-obsessed world, there’s no getting around the fact that we’re human. And that means that nothing beats physical human interactions. This is why hosting in-store events is arguably the most effective marketing strategy you can implement!

Now, let’s be honest. In-store events (read: parties) are fun! They provide opportunities for like-minded people to mix, mingle and make new friends. And just as importantly for your business, it provides you with opportunities to engage in conversations with individuals who share interests in the products you sell. At TK Enterprises Inc., we’ve found that members of the jewelry industry have especially found that in-store events are lucrative ways of growing their businesses.

How important is it to interact with your customers in person? Well, as Nicole Giordano puts it on StartUpFashion.com, “people buy from people”. So, no matter how impressive your marketing materials may be, they simply can’t outdo your charming personality and expertise in your field. Giordano mentions that, in the fashion industry, it’s especially important for customers to learn more about products up close and personal.

“The biggest complaint about shopping online is that it’s impossible to know what the garment looks like on your body until you receive it,” she writes, “Having your customers in front of you at the store gives you the chance to explain specific details about each line and to allow them to try things on and become familiar with what you carry. It also allows customers a perfect opportunity to provide you with feedback about what they think you’re doing great and some suggestions as to what else they would love to see.”

How do in-store events help to increase sales? Well, let’s put it this way. Can you think of a better location to sell your products than your actual place of business? While your in-store event provides an excellent atmosphere for a good time, it also offers incentives for purchases to be made right away. Giordano admits that most customers may attend your event without intentions of buying – but it doesn’t always go that way.

“Ladies, we’ve all been there,” she states, “We’ve attended shopping events with no intention to shop until the free apps and bubbly beverages are handed out amongst tables of this season’s hottest accessories and we can’t possibly go home without a little treat for ourselves. Hosting an in store event is the best way to increase exposure to potential customers and show off what you have to offer.”

How important is it to send out personal invites to your in-store events? At TK Enterprises Inc., we can’t stress just how imperative it is for you to make direct contact with your customers about your upcoming events. We employ a highly-experienced, enthusiastic and well-trained staff of callers who know how to engage your audience in a friendly and professional way. Contact us to learn more about how our Retail Event Marketing services can make your next in-store event a huge success!

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Marketing Your Business During The U.S. Presidential Election

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It would be pretty difficult to not be aware of the hugely engaging and often-controversial presidential election taking place in the United States right now. Whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton gets elected this coming November, it is undoubtedly bound to be a historic occasion. Regardless of your political leanings, it is likely that you can agree that the media play a huge role in helping to determine which of the two candidates will become the next president.

Both the media and various advertising sources have always played huge roles in impacting the public’s decision-making during presidential elections. And not only do they help mold America’s future, they also affect the way retailers are able to conduct business. You see, during a presidential election, most minds are focused on the candidates as media outlets are flooded with political advertising.

How does this impact the marketing campaigns of most retailers? Unfortunately, they are put on the backburner. This is especially true in the weeks prior to the election taking place. In fact, there are two key periods during an election cycle that significantly impact the marketing campaigns of retailers. The two time periods represent the specific times of the year when presidential candidates are legally allowed to advertise.

The first period is the 45 days prior to the primaries which are from January to June. The second period is the 60 days prior to the actual election, which take place between September 7th and November 8th this year. This is crucially important information for retailers as it forces them to retool their marketing strategies during these time periods. Because television, newspapers, billboards and radio are inundated with presidential campaign material, it doesn’t leave much room for retailers to have their brands advertised.

Just how big a business is presidential campaign advertising? Millions of dollars are spent by each candidate in efforts to woo the public into giving them their votes. In fact, that’s probably an understatement. It has been estimated that upwards of $5 billion will be spent on presidential ad campaigns in the United States this year! Retailers wanting to squeeze in their ad campaigns alongside these big budget ads will have quite the hard times.

Not to mention, it’s bound to cost them a lot more to advertise during the above mentioned time periods than at any other point in the year. Candidates who run for public office are actually entitled to the lowest advertising rates. That means that retailers will be subject to rising advertising rates that can increase to anywhere from ten to 200 percent! As a result, most retailers choose other marketing methods to entice customers to visit their stores.

What alternative marketing methods are most effective? At TK Enterprises Inc., we offer one of the most effective marketing methods in the jewelry retailing industry. Our experienced, enthusiastic and well-trained phone staff makes personalized live phone calls to your customers in order to market your brand in the most engaging way possible. Our many years of experience have proven that customers truly appreciate the personal touch that we provide.

As you can imagine, there is a major difference between having your customers addressed by their names and having them listen to pre-recorded messages. The impact of a live call goes a long way. Our team’s professional and friendly interactions with your customers ensure that they are left with stronger connections to your company. If you have an upcoming in-store event, there’s no better way to ensure its success than to send out personal invites!

Over the next few months, the presidential election will present the perfect time to take advantage of this unique marketing strategy. For more information about our Retail Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com.

5 Benefits Of Adding The Personal Touch To Your Marketing Campaigns

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Back in the 1980’s, telecom giant AT&T used the slogan “Reach Out And Touch Someone”. And while millennials may be unfamiliar with the old campaign, its slogan is one that still rings true for all businesses. You see, it’s important for companies to reach out to the members of their customer bases in order to ensure their continued interests. Making personal connections over the phone, as opposed to other forms of communication, still makes a huge difference in the way members of the buying public view your company.

At TK Enterprises Inc., we provide an incredibly unique and effective calling service that is specifically designed for high-end jewelry retailers. We make it our job to call your existing customers so that you don’t have to! Any time you have a special store event, it only makes sense to personally invite those who are most likely to take an interest in what you have to offer. Our calling campaigns have proven that reaching out to touch someone goes a long way in hosting successful events.

Here are five benefits of adding the personal touch to your marketing campaigns:

1. It displays the “humanness” of your brand. Take it from us, we know that customers much prefer to speak to actual people than listen to recorded messages. Opportunities to ask questions and probe for details are automatic benefits of speaking to a real person. Furthermore, live phone calls allow for genuine human interaction. Having your business represented by friendly and experienced individuals helps to shine a more favourable light on your brand. And this reputation can help boost your business well into the future.

2. It helps you to take advantage of being a “smaller” company. By and large, most large corporations don’t interact with their customers in personal manners. Their customer service reps tend to treat each caller like a number as they don’t have the time to truly get to know all of their customers. By making personal phone calls to your customers, you are able to make connections that larger companies cannot. As HelpScout.net reveals, a 2011 American Express study found that “80% of Americans agree that smaller companies place a greater emphasis on customer service than large businesses.”

3. Customers like hearing their names. HelpScout.net also points out that a ContactPoint Client Research study found that employees only ask for their customers’ names 21 percent of time. That’s not nearly enough! To truly create personal connections, it’s practically mandatory to not only ask for customers by their names but to refer to them numerous times throughout each phone call. This helps to build the bond between your brand and its supporters. Obviously, recorded messages can’t refer to anyone by name.

4. It makes customers feel important. How special would you feel to get a phone call about a personal invite to an upcoming event? The feeling that a personal call gives to its recipient is one that cannot be duplicated by any other form of communication or advertising. Again, it’s the personal touch that ignites a reaction from people. When you put in the effort to make personal connections with the individuals who support your brand, it makes a big difference in how they feel about it overall.

5. It helps you to not miss out on opportunities. People who are interested in your store aren’t likely to come to its special events if they don’t know about them! Even when radio spots and print ads are created, they are not directly targeting the specific members of your supportive customer base. When you directly engage with your customers, you gain numerous opportunities to spark their interests, encourage them to ask questions and build your relationships for the long haul.

With TK Enterprises Inc., our experienced, enthusiastic and well-trained callers make approximately 250 calls a day per person! With our Retail Event Marketing services, you’ll benefit from having your message delivered in an effective way – the personal way. And our experience has proven to us that there’s no better way to engage a brand’s target audience. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com.

Visit TK Enterprises Inc. At Booth 1622 During This Year’s Atlanta Jewelry Show!

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Welcome to the brand new TK Enterprises Inc. Blog! We’re pretty excited about this new venture as we plan on keeping you regularly updated with all of the fascinating goings-on in our industry. And perhaps, this is the perfect time to let you know a little bit about the industry we’re a part of. To be quite honest, we’re in a unique category of being one of the only Retail Event Marketing specialists in existence!

And although we also specialize in Cold Calling Services and Appointment Setting, we’d like to introduce ourselves, through our new blog, by paying particular attention to what can be argued as our specialty. We provide an incredibly unique and effective service that is specifically designed for high-end jewelry retailers who are looking to increase event traffic. Essentially, our team becomes YOUR sales staff whose job it is to call existing customers to personally invite them to your special store events.

Such events may include those that are brand-specific, including those that highlight the products of LeVian, EFFY, Pandora, Simon G. and Roberto Coin. We also extend invites to your seasonal events such as summer clearance sales, “Ladies Night” and Black Friday. Jewelers who host designer appearances also experience greater turnouts by employing our experienced and friendly calling staff.

And we do mean experienced! TK Enterprises Inc. has been in business for 35 years and has a track record of increasing traffic at promotional sales events for a variety of retail businesses. Our clients have been astounded at the success they’ve been able to enjoy thanks to our efforts. And our long history has proven that when customers receive the warmth and professionalism of personal phone calls (as opposed to cold and impersonal mass emails), they are a lot more likely to respond favorably.

And we’re certainly looking forward to receiving a favourable response this weekend! Furthering our commitment to being leaders of Retail Event Marketing in the jewelry industry, TK Enterprises Inc. will be proudly attending this year’s Atlanta Jewelry Show, organized by the Southern Jewelry Travelers Association (SJTA). The dazzling three-day event takes place this weekend from August 6th to 8th at Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta.

We encourage you to stop by booth 1622 to pay us a visit and take advantage of our exclusive Atlanta Jewelry Show special! Visitors of our booth will be offered a special 10% discount off of our regular rates. And, in fact, if you wish to book an appointment right away so that you can sit down with us at the show, you will save an additional 5% off of our rates. It’s the perfect opportunity to affordably plan and promote your own sales event in the near future!

With TK Enterprises Inc., you’ll have an exclusive calling campaign created for your event that is conducted by agents with telephone experience. We only read scripts that you approve as we’re committed to ensuring that everyone who is called experiences an excellent representation of your brand. Their caller IDs, by the way, will read your store name and local phone number. You will also receive weekly and end-of-campaign reports to keep you up to speed on our productivity.

Of course, we’d be more than happy to discuss the details of our services with you in greater detail. Be sure to visit us at booth 1622 at the Atlanta Jewelry Show this weekend, or if you can’t make it, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com.