The Retail Event Marketing division of TK Enterprises Inc. provides a service specifically designed for high end retailers such as Jewelers who are looking to increase event traffic. We make phone calls to existing customers, personally inviting them to store events such as:

  • Brand specific events (LeVian, EFFY, Pandora, Simon G., Roberto Coin and more)
  • Estate & Trunk shows
  • Seasonal Events (Summer Clearance, Ladies Night, Black Friday and more)
  • Designer Appearances
  • Clienteling (Birthdays, anniversaries, warranty & repairs)



The concept of calling existing customers is already employed by some jewelry stores. Many of our clients already call a small percentage of their database and invite them to events. Phone calls are highly effective at delivering the message of the event to the customer due to the fact that our callers will either speak directly with the customer or they will leave an enthusiastic voicemail.

Most of our clients have incorporated our services as part of their business model and many no longer have their staff make any calls at all. Our clients continue to use traditional marketing efforts such as mailers, postcards, radio ads, TV ads, emails, etc to increase traffic to their events IN PARALLEL with our services.



State of the art phone technology:

  • Monitoring of calls to ensure our callers deliver the highest quality of service
  • Recording of calls (within applicable States) to provide accountability
  • Generation of reports to provide accountability and to enable clients to address actions that require involvement of their store management
  • Scheduling and reassignment of calls within our team to accommodate actions that can be addressed from our end


Data Capture and Reporting:

  • Results logged for each and every call made to provide accountability
  • Daily notification of any urgent items for store to take action on to ensure the timely handling of unique customer issues and inquiries
  • Weekly Reports to provide accountability
  • End of Campaign Reports to provide accountability
  • Coded results with legend to provide transparency and enable our clients to update their database
  • Post event Sales Analysis to determine return on investment



  • Our roots have been firmly planted in the Sales field for over 30 years providing us a wealth of experience in understanding customer behaviour
  • We have spent the last 2 years making over 200,000 calls for Jewelry stores providing us the experience required to develop a core team of callers and a proven system of calling
  • Our outstanding track record within the industry and the various accountability systems we have in place provides our clients with the peace of mind that 100% of the calls will be completed on time and with passion and enthusiasm
  • Our call center has the capacity to contact your entire database of current customers allowing you maximum potential for increased traffic and sales
  • Your salespeople can focus on in store customers easing them of the burden of making phone calls
  • We offer volume purchase discounts
  • We offer Buying Group member discounts to Associations we are a member of.


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“We have been using TK Enterprises Inc. calling service for events for almost a year now with great results! Our sales associates are busy helping people on the sales floor and only have time to call a limited amount of customers for events. Using TKE has really increased turn out and sales results at our events. They have done a great job for us” – Trey Bailey, Bailey’s Fine Jewelry & Multiple Pandora Concept store owner

“We used TK Enterprises to generate increased traffic for a promotional sales event in our retail businesses. TK aided in creating the right message, provided constant communication throughout the campaign and sales result analysis after the event: approximately half of the sales from the event were clients who received a call or voice message from TK for a great return on investment! We have used TK twice and we will absolutely continue to use TK for our “call to action” events. ” – Holly Metzger, Franchise Owner

“TK Enterprises has really impressed us! A Jeweler friend referred us to them and we are so grateful. We’ve used them for several of our events and our clients are impressed that “we” call them personally. Their callers are super friendly and very genuine. We would recommend them.” – Monteca Confers, Confers Jewelers

“I was referred to TK Enterprises and I’m glad I tried them. We had a positive ROI and they were great to work with. We would have never managed to call this many customers with this timing. They took the time to get to know our business, our event, and our needs. I would recommend them to any business having a promotion or event.” – David Hevia, President, Kiefer Jewelers, Tampa Bay

Why not try us and see if we can do for you what we accomplished for these clients and many other stores?

"In sales, the investment in training is not nearly as costly as the absence of training. With training you help grow your business; with the lack of it, you help grow your competition." - Tom Kaufmann

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