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Event Marketing

Calling Your Customers

Our roots have been firmly planted in the sales fields for over 40 years providing us a wealth of experience in understanding customer behaviour and an expanded call-center with the capacity to handle your entire customer database, providing you with the maximum potential for increased traffic and sales.

How Event Marketing Benefits Your Business


The concept of calling existing customers is already employed by many businesses. Many of our clients already call a small percentage of their database and invite them to events. Phone calls are highly effective at delivering the message of the event to the customer due to the fact that our callers will either speak directly with the customer or they will leave an enthusiastic voicemail.

Most of our clients have incorporated our services as part of their business model and many no longer have their staff make any calls at all. Our clients continue to use traditional marketing efforts such as mailers, postcards, radio ads, TV ads, emails, etc to increase traffic to their events in parallel with our services.

Our experienced and highly motivated callers make personal phone calls directly to your customers to invite them to your businesses events, teach them about your promotions, or follow up on a recent sale.

We make sure that we keep your customers well-informated by relaying all relevant information regarding the events and promotions your business is currently holding.

Why Choose Us

Our roots have been firmly planted in the Sales field for over 40 years providing us a wealth of experience in understanding customer behaviour.

We have spent the last 7 years making over 1,000,000 calls for jewelry stores providing us the experience required to develop a core team of callers and a proven system of calling.

Our outstanding track record within the industry and the various accountability systems we have in place, provides our clients with the transparency and peace of mind that 100% of the calls will be completed with passion and enthusiasm.

Our call-center has the capacity to contact your entire database of current customers allowing you maximum potential for increased traffic and sales.

Let your sales people focus on in-store customers and ease them from the burden of managing phone calls.

We also offer discounts for volume purchases and to those who share membership with our Buying Group Associations

Modern Phone Technology

Monitoring of calls to ensure our callers deliver the highest quality of service.

Recording of calls (within applicable states/provinces) to provide accountability.

Call display of your business and a local area code.

Dedicated mailbox for your customers to call back the display on their phone for missed calls. There is an automated recording informing them of details of events.

Scheduling and reassignment of calls within our team to accommodate actions that can be addressed from our end.

Data Capture & Reporting

Results logged for each and every call made to provide accountability.

Daily notification of any urgent items for store to take action on to ensure the timely handling of unique customer issues and inquiries.

Detailed and organized reports generated to provide accountability and to enable clients to address actions that require involvement of their store management.

Post-event sales analysis to determine Return on Investment.

What Our Clients Have To Say

I have been using Heidi’s team and getting amazing results they are super effective, efficient, and very well received by my clients.


Charles Marks

Owner, Marks Jewelry

We have been using TK Enterprises Inc. calling service for events for almost a year now with great results! Our sales associates are busy helping people on the sales floor and only have time to call a limited amount of customers for events. Using TKE has really increased turn out and sales results at our events. They have done a great job for us. Trey Bailey

Store Owner, Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

The TK Enterprise customer-calling is amazing! Not only do the professional callers drive customers into my clients stores, but TKE provides a detailed spreadsheet on every call, so staff can follow through with additional customer service and post-event sales. Heidi and her team are excellent communicators, true professionals, and have a genuine interest in my client’s success. I highly recommend them! Rick Ausman

Consultant , Wilkerson & Associates

Since we have started using TKE for another avenue of marketing, we have received great response from our customers who are glad they got the call with event details. We decide to go with TKE because we carry a brand that offered their services as Co-op.  We got an amazing response. Not only was it easy for us to implement, but TKE (Heidi / Jason) made it even easier for myself and my company. They are very professional about their work and make sure things are done quickly, efficiently, and always professional with proper reporting.

We chose this avenue of marketing because this allowed my staff to focus on other things in our store and allowed them to be ready for incoming traffic. TKE always adds their own personal touch to each event, whether it’s by answering questions asked by customers or making appointments for my customers to come to our local store. If I had any immediate changes, they were always there to make those changes happen quickly and the process easy.

Arron Hoppe

Hoppe Jewelers