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How To Grow Your Jewelry Business This Summer

How To Grow Your Jewelry Business This Summer

We are just about ready to embark on a brand new month. And it’s a special one! June brings us the official start of summer. And for most people all throughout North America, it’s the most exciting time of year. Especially for areas of the continent where summer is widely known for being an end to the cold and dreary months of winter, the season works wonders for getting people to go outside.

This is an important thing to keep in mind for your jewelry business. The more consumers who leave their homes, the more opportunities you have to welcome them into your store. Although there’s no time of year when it’s a good idea to stop promoting your brand, the summertime provides an excellent opportunity for you to launch a brand new campaign.

Go where the people are.

Although the summer is bound to bring people out of their homes more often, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll all be flocking to your store. Naturally, lovers of the year’s hottest season will be attending a variety of festivals, outdoor concerts, theme parks, picnics, barbeques and sporting events. It would be wise to plan on being at these events yourself, representing your brand!

“With summer comes a variety of seasonal marketing opportunities at popular summer activities such as pop-up sales, fairs, farmers markets, festivals and other community events,” points out Yamarie Grullon on ShopKeep.com, “Take a look at your local calendar to see what’s scheduled for your area this summer and start looking out for the types of events that your ideal customer would likely attend. Make arrangements to set up a booth, table, or exhibit at the ones that are most likely to help you find more customers.”

Take your jewelry on the road with you.

Not only is it a great idea for you to attend events that will provide you with opportunities to meet new customers, you should give those potential new customers opportunities to personally view your products. The best way to do that is to wear your items all summer long! Robin Kramer of Flourish & Thrive Academy actually recommends that you take things one step further by offering your jewelry as free gifts.

“(One) of my favorite things to do when I was the director of sales for a jewelry company was to gift the jewelry I was wearing,” she reveals, “When someone complimented me on a piece of jewelry (from my company) I was wearing, I would gift it to them…The company would get a customer for life, the gift recipient would get a piece of jewelry they really wanted and a wonderful story to share, and I got to give some good unexpected love.”

Encourage your customers to visit you.

Getting out there and meeting new people is a lot of fun during the summer. But it’s important to remember the customers who have supported you in the past. At TK Enterprises Inc., we have mastered the personal invite. Contact us today to learn about how our Event Marketing services can help you throw one of the most successful events this summer!

Please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!

Finding The Keys To Excellent Over-The-Phone Customer Service

Finding The Keys To Excellent Over-The-Phone Customer Service

At TK Enterprises Inc., we have over 30 years of call center experience. As a result, our team is made up of experts in understanding customer behavior. We’ve developed one-of-a-kind Event Marketing services that utilize our skills and know-how to provide you with greater access to your entire customer base. By contacting your customers on your behalf, we maximize your potential to increase traffic and boost sales in your jewelry store.

No matter how much modern technology has pushed people towards using messaging apps and social media platforms to communicate with each other, phone calls remain highly effective at delivering messages about the upcoming events that businesses are hosting. From our experience, customers much prefer direct and personal forms of communication. An exclusive phone invite goes a long way. It’s just one of the keys to providing excellent over-the-phone customer service.

We’ve also learned how to master the voicemail message.

Naturally, not customers we call for our clients pick up their phones. In some instances, we’re required to leave voicemails. There is a technique to leaving voicemails that many business representatives tend to overlook that our phone agents do not. Enthusiastic, energetic, engaging – these three E’s are all ingredients of the perfect voicemail!

On CanadianBusiness.com, Kat Tancock elaborates about the importance of leaving strong voicemails. “Ensure voicemail messages are easy to understand and include an introduction, any information you might need from the caller and when someone will return their call,” she advises, “End the message by directing them to the company website and informing them of any further relevant information (such as restricted hours during holidays.)”

The ability to empathize and de-escalate is an important skill.

Being warm and friendly to customers over the phone is generally pretty easy when the customers themselves are warm and friendly. But how well are you able to handle irate customers? Although we rarely encounter any negative responses to our calls, the ability to empathize with dissatisfied customers and de-escalate angry individuals is yet another key to providing excellent over-the-phone customer service.

“When a customer is upset or frustrated, they might not be able to take in what you say – even when it’s the right answer,” informs Zendesk.com, “First, really listen to help them calm down. After saying all they need to say, they’re more likely to be receptive to hearing the solution you offer—even when it’s not what they’d like to hear. You can find some practical advice for how to say no to customers in Tough talk: when ‘No’ is the right thing to say to a customer.”

Choose us to do your calling for you!

The TK Enterprises Inc. team has spent the last five years making over a million calls for jewelry stores all over North America. Our outstanding track record within the industry and the various accountability systems we have in place, provides our clients with the transparency and peace of mind that 100% of the calls will be completed with passion and enthusiasm.

For more information about our unique Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!

Preparing Your Jewelry Store For Father’s Day

Preparing Your Jewelry Store For Father’s Day

A month in advance of Mother’s Day, we offered up a blog that helped jewelry store owners to prepare for the annual celebration of moms. With Father’s Day now one month away (Sunday, June 17th!), we thought that is was only right that we assist you with some ideas for how to prepare for the yearly celebration of dads. After all, men love jewelry too!

All too often, discussions of jewelry tend to revolve around rings, earrings, bracelets and anklets. These pieces are traditionally worn by women. However, we can’t forget about all of the watches, cuff links, chains and other accessories worn by men. And you can rest assure that they all make for excellent Father’s Day gifts!

What can you do to ensure that your jewelry store enjoys a boost in sales in the weeks to come before Father’s Day?

Highlight your Father’s Day sale!

Father’s Day tends to get underappreciated when compared to Mother’s Day. As Kirk Olsen points out on AdAge.com, “Father’s Day undeservedly lives in the shadow of Mother’s Day, both on the calendar and in consumer minds. When we asked 3,000 people across the U.S. about their Father’s Day plans this year, only 60% said they would celebrate Father’s Day in any way.”

By highlighting the fact that your store intends to celebrate fathers just as excitedly as it celebrated mothers, you will alert shoppers to the fact that they can depend on you for their Father’s Day shopping needs.

On Nexternal.com, Matthew suggests that you utilize your company website to promote the fact that your store is a great location for those thinking about Dad. “Consider creating a featured category called ‘Father’s Day Gift Ideas’ or ‘Top 10 Gifts for Dad’ that will help to inspire your customers,” he recommends, “Be sure to include a relevant category description and creative imagery. Some Dads are hard to buy gifts for so don’t forget to include Gift Certificates so he can pick out exactly what he wants.”

Target first-time fathers.

Many young men will be embarking on their first-ever Father’s Days next month. They most certainly deserve to be celebrated. Especially since our current generation of fathers takes on more parenting responsibilities than ever before, it would be a great idea to acknowledge them. Olsen writes that he believes “first-time fathers represent the ripest, lowest-hanging fruit for marketers.”

As a result, he encourages retailers to tap into the “First Father’s Day” approach to advertising their goods via digital media. “It’s time for a hero brand in a dad-centric category to help dads everywhere speak up, own their parenting prowess and get the Father’s Day celebrations they deserve,” says Olsen.

Host a Pre-Father’s Day celebration.

Father’s Day offers your jewelry store yet another ideal opportunity to host an in-store event. By doing so, you will entice your current customers to choose your store for their Father’s Day gift shopping over your competitors. And, as you may be aware, TK Enterprises Inc. can help you!

Our one-of-a-kind Event Marketing services put our experienced team of phone agents to work for you. They will call your current customers to invite them to your special upcoming Pre-Father’s Day celebration in order to boost their interest in all of the wonderful gifts your store has to offer.

For more information about our Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!

Why It’s So Important To Reach Out To Your Customers

Why It’s So Important To Reach Out To Your Customers

In today’s world, consumers want so much more than to simply find what they’re looking for in stores. Most shoppers are looking to develop genuine connections with the brands they do business with so that they can enjoy lifelong dependencies on their favourite stores to fulfill their needs.

Many consumers also enjoy bragging about stores they’ve “discovered” and they’re only too happy to recommend them to friends. As a jewelry store owner, it is vital that you take advantage of this. Know that it’s not enough to simply please the individuals who enter the front doors of your store. You need to work to build the relationships you have with those individuals once they exit those doors.

Make the phone your friend.

Back in the 1970s, Bell System used the motto “Reach Out And Touch Someone” to promote their services. This slogan came into even greater prominence in the 1980s when it was famously used as AT&T’s tagline. And, in 2018, while those advertisements are long gone, the phrase is still entirely true. When you put in efforts to reach out and make connections with individuals who have supported your business, you stand a much greater chance of securing long-term loyalty.

On Medium.com, Ahmad Iqbal explains that there are numerous benefits to calling your customers to show them your appreciation for their business. He insists that you offer your thanks, but also use the opportunities to provide your customers with exclusive information about your store’s offerings. That way, your phone calls of thanks will double as upselling opportunities.

“When you’re on the phone with a customer and you’re just broken the ice by thanking them for their trust in your business, you’ve opened a conversation with someone who falls within your customer base,” writes Iqbal, “If they have bought once, they are likely to buy again. By using the call to build report and get to know your customer better you will have a better idea of their needs and can suggest another product they might like.”

Calling your customers will generate positive reviews.

Let it be known that, these days, online reviews count for a lot. Most customers are quick to jump online in order to read customer reviews that will help them to make their buying decisions. By making genuine connections with your customers, you will encourage very positive reviews of your brand online. Studies show that this will help to boost sales.

“In a recent study, it was found that 70% of buyers consult reviews before making a purchase,” reports ConnectWithScout.com, “If you find the customer loves your product, make sure you send them a link to leave a review. It’s common knowledge that positive reviews act as social proof and lead to increased sales.”

Let TK Enterprises Inc. do the calling for you!

Our one-of-a-kind Event Marketing services put our experienced and highly motivated callers on the phone for you. They will make personal phone calls directly to your customers to invite them to your businesses events, teach them about your promotions, or follow up on a recent sale.

For more information about our Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!

The Summertime Provides Perfect Opportunities For In-Store Events

The Summertime Provides Perfect Opportunities For In-Store Events

Now that May is officially here, people all over North America can officially start enjoying the spring! Depending on your neck of the woods, you may not have been enjoying the warmest of weather in recent weeks. It’s safe to say that we’re now experiencing the time of year when, for the most part, days are sunny and bright and the temperatures are mild, at worst.

So what does warmer weather mean for your jewelry store?

Well, firstly, allow us to state the obvious. When the weather is nicer, more people tend to leave their homes. That gives retailers more opportunities to welcome more customers through the doors of their stores. But with the impending summer (it officially starts next month!), you can be sure that there will be many scheduled events that people will look forward to attending.

Why not schedule a summer event to be hosted by your company?

We don’t just offer this suggestion as a way for you to enjoy the warmest months of the year. Although we recognize that most people enjoy a good barbeque, company picnic or summer festival, we’re also aware that summertime in-store events work wonders for jewelry stores. You don’t have to take it from us! The good people over at JCK Magazine have gotten the scoop from a number of industry professionals.

On their website, they field a question from Vic Hellberg who is the owner of Hellberg’s Jewelers in Marshalltown, Iowa: “What’s the most creative way to capitalize on slow summer months?” We’re not surprised to see that many of the responses included the hosting of in-store events.

“We typically have two to three events,” responds Nicole Lasker who is the vice president of Lasker Jewelers in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, “In June [we had] a wedding band show and a restyling event. In July Pandora is planning a gift-with-purchase program. In August we’d like to host a launch party for Belle Étoile…We’ll also be stepping up email blasts. This summer we decided to spend 5 to 7 percent more on radio…in part to promote our summer events.”

Charity events are great ways to get exposure.

Cindi Rottermond is the vice president of Michigan-based, Rottermond Jewelers. She also chimed in to inform that her company enjoys hosting charity events, pointing out that they are great ways to get exposure so that customers don’t forget your business. “Even if customers aren’t coming in to buy something, a charity event can serve as a means of clienteling,” she offers.

At TK Enterprises Inc., we’re dead set on helping jewelers all over North America launch their most successful in-store events to date this summer. With the help of our Event Marketing services, we’re confident we can help jewelers all over the continent significantly boost their sales. History has shown it works!

Our call center has the ability to contact your entire database of current customers allowing you maximum potential for increased traffic and sales. For more information about our Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!