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Quite obviously, there exists a wide range of advertising ideas and marketing methods to catch the attention of the general public. Between billboards, print ads, radio spots and television commercials, we are all inundated with advertising on a daily basis. And, in a way, that’s the problem with all of the above mentioned marketing methods. With so many of them, they begin to spill into one another, leaving no particularly-unique impressions on the people who encounter them.

But then you have the face-to-face meeting. Actual personal interactions simply can’t be beat no matter how effective your marketing campaigns may seem. Even in today’s technology-obsessed world, there’s no getting around the fact that we’re human. And that means that nothing beats physical human interactions. This is why hosting in-store events is arguably the most effective marketing strategy you can implement!

Now, let’s be honest. In-store events (read: parties) are fun! They provide opportunities for like-minded people to mix, mingle and make new friends. And just as importantly for your business, it provides you with opportunities to engage in conversations with individuals who share interests in the products you sell. At TK Enterprises Inc., we’ve found that members of the jewelry industry have especially found that in-store events are lucrative ways of growing their businesses.

How important is it to interact with your customers in person? Well, as Nicole Giordano puts it on StartUpFashion.com, “people buy from people”. So, no matter how impressive your marketing materials may be, they simply can’t outdo your charming personality and expertise in your field. Giordano mentions that, in the fashion industry, it’s especially important for customers to learn more about products up close and personal.

“The biggest complaint about shopping online is that it’s impossible to know what the garment looks like on your body until you receive it,” she writes, “Having your customers in front of you at the store gives you the chance to explain specific details about each line and to allow them to try things on and become familiar with what you carry. It also allows customers a perfect opportunity to provide you with feedback about what they think you’re doing great and some suggestions as to what else they would love to see.”

How do in-store events help to increase sales? Well, let’s put it this way. Can you think of a better location to sell your products than your actual place of business? While your in-store event provides an excellent atmosphere for a good time, it also offers incentives for purchases to be made right away. Giordano admits that most customers may attend your event without intentions of buying – but it doesn’t always go that way.

“Ladies, we’ve all been there,” she states, “We’ve attended shopping events with no intention to shop until the free apps and bubbly beverages are handed out amongst tables of this season’s hottest accessories and we can’t possibly go home without a little treat for ourselves. Hosting an in store event is the best way to increase exposure to potential customers and show off what you have to offer.”

How important is it to send out personal invites to your in-store events? At TK Enterprises Inc., we can’t stress just how imperative it is for you to make direct contact with your customers about your upcoming events. We employ a highly-experienced, enthusiastic and well-trained staff of callers who know how to engage your audience in a friendly and professional way. Contact us to learn more about how our Retail Event Marketing services can make your next in-store event a huge success!

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