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In last week’s blog, we commented upon the importance of body language when communicating with your customers. Highlighting the power of the in-person meeting, our blog noted that body language is often considered the most important element of communication. After all, experts state that we remember more with our eyes than any of our other senses. An infographic on TrainTool.com tells us that 82 percent of the time, we take in the world around us with our eyes.

“The person with whom you are communicating, will only remember 10 percent of spoken information or 20 percent of visual information,” elaborates Jan-Hendrik Vervelde on the site, “If you combine the two, this can be increased to 65-80 percent. So it is extremely important that your body language and what you are saying line up. This is a recurring message in our training: make sure your body language and message are congruent!”

In the jewelry industry, body language couldn’t be more important.

Your ability to convey your emotions through your facial expressions as well as your hand gestures can go a long way with a customer who has an emotional attachment to his/her purchase. As we’ve pointed out numerous times in blogs of past, most consumers place sentimental values on the pieces of jewelry they buy. Therefore, it’s important that, as a salesperson, you’re relatable. Showing empathy and concern is often a big part of what makes you successful.

The importance of eye contact.

On BusinessInsider.com, Martin Zwilling underlines eye contact as an integral part of body language. “The eyes are the most powerful part of our body language, and can express everything from happiness, annoyance, interest, to pain,” he writes, “Frequent eye contact is interpreted as honesty and forthrightness. Staring is interpreted as too aggressive. These are obvious in person, but lost in a text message.”

Obviously, making eye contact with your customers is not something you’re able to do over the phone. The ways in which you look at your customers can communicate whether or not you’re truly engaged. Giving off a disinterested impression is often all that is necessary to lose a customer. As the TrainTool.com infographic reveals, “it takes 7 seconds to make a judgement about a person when first meeting them.”

The importance of posture.

Posture is also a big deal. Do you stand up straight in an attentive manner or do you tend to slouch? The way you stand or sit can make a big difference in the impression you give off. “If you are trying to appear dominant or authoritative, stand erect with shoulders back,” says Zwilling, “A slumped position usually indicates insecurity, guilt, or weakness.”

At TK Enterprises Inc., we know the importance of facial expressions, hand gestures, posture, adequate spacing, handshakes and all of the other important facets of body language. They’re significant enough to make or break relationships between store owners and their customers. This is why we work so hard to get your customers to visit you in person. We know that being able to present your jewelry during face-to-face encounters is the best way to grow your relationships and boost your sales.

Our Retail Event Marketing services are designed to make great impressions over the phone so that you may improve upon them in person. Our highly-skilled team of phone agents contacts your customers personally to offer invites to your next in-store event. Giving you an opportunity to utilize body language to impress you customer base, this marketing strategy has been proven to be highly successful!

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