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A few weeks back, we blogged about the concept of clienteling – a clever marketing technique used by retailers to learn more about customer preferences. With the information accumulated through clienteling, retailers are better able to cater their products and services to the people most likely to visit their stores. Clienteling is all about implementing a personal approach to advertising a company in order to grow its customer loyalty.

In many cases, retailers utilize mobile technology to spark greater interest in their customer base. It should come as a surprise to no one that the growing popularity of online shopping has many customers heading to the internet in order to make their purchases. Many forms of clienteling take advantage of this truth. They use such devices as email marketing, social media and mobile apps to improve customer relationships.

At TK Enterprises Inc., our many years of experience have proven that none of these methods quite match up to the good old face-to-face meeting. In other words, a customer’s in-store experience continues to have the greatest impact on his or her buying decisions. Our Retail Event Marketing services, therefore, remain one of today’s most effective clienteling solutions. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of phone agents know how to establish the personal connections needed to set your store apart from its competitors – by offering personal invitations to your store.

The main objective of the phone calls that our team makes on your company’s behalf is to personally invite your customers to an upcoming in-store event. These phone calls are targeted towards individuals who have made purchases from your jewelry store in the past. By personalizing the invitations, your store stands a much greater chance of having a full house on the date of its special event.

It’s important to acknowledge the importance of encouraging repeat business. On Oorjit.com, it is explained that one of the main benefits of clienteling is that it encourages both repeat business and word-of-mouth promotion. “Repeat customers are the key to expanding your fan base,” says the site, “Because they are sure to spread the word about how awesome you are! In this age of connectivity, reference through networking is effective, viral and extremely cheap.”

It needs to be noted that clienteling isn’t just a great way to encourage multiple visits to your store. The point of the in-person visit, as we mentioned earlier, is to give your sales associates better opportunities to get to know your customers directly. That way, they can learn more about their specific likes, dislikes and concerns. They can then tailor their future shopping experiences around those preferences.

On MultichannelMerchant.com, Tim Barton speaks to this point. “By tailoring services to individual tastes, store associates are not just more likely to increase customer shopping cart sizes during that encounter; they are creating a seamless encounter that will encourage that shopper to return again and again,” he writes.

At TK Enterprises Inc., our experience with providing clienteling solutions to jewelry retailers across North America is second to none. We happily take care of a lot of the work that business owners are too busy for or too uncomfortable with to tackle themselves. Our one-of-a-kind Retail Event Marketing services utilize a team of very knowledgeable and friendly phone agents with decades of experience.

Allow us to contact your customers on your behalf so that we may offer them personal invites to your next in-store event. The success rates of our clients are proof that this form of clienteling is highly effective. For more information about our Retail Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com.