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We’re less than a week away from Halloween! So, naturally there’s a whole lot of talk about “treats” going around. Treats, we’d like to point out, are something you should be offering the customers of your jewelry store all year round. And no, we’re not talking about handing out candy. Save that for October 31st if you’d like to get into the spirit of trick or treating. We’re talking about treating your customers to the best type of service they can get – that of the personalized variety.

How can you personalize your customer service?

Make every customer feel special. It’s actually a lot easier than you may think. In fact, it starts simply with remembering your customers’ names. Chances are you have some familiar faces that enter the doors of your store. If you haven’t gotten to know these individuals by name, you’re not taking the necessary steps to ensure their long-term loyalty.

On Inc.com, Rhett Power makes it clear that remembering your customers by name is an important first step in offering the type of customer service that will keep you in their good graces. “Everyone within your company who regularly interacts with customers must remember their names whether it is in person or over the phone,” he insists, “This small gesture tells your customers you value them.”

Encourage your staff members to engage in genuine interactions.

Knowing your customers by name is one thing, but something unique about each of them is something else. We’re not talking about attempting to learn the life stories of everyone who visits your store. We’re referring to the fact the remembering the likes and dislikes of your customers will go a long way in keeping them coming back.

Knowing that “Ms. Walker” loves red rubies, for example, will certainly help her to have memorable customer experiences. And, if Ms. Walker is a big spender, remembering what she likes will pay dividends.

“Most front-line employees probably learned a long time ago to address customers by name to make the experience more personal. That still holds true,” writes Michele McGovern on CustomerExperienceInsight.com, “But adding a memory — perhaps referring to a past experience or personal information the customers shared another time — shows you care about the person, not just the transaction.”

Invite your customers to exclusive events.

Don’t just wait for your customers to show up. Invite them back! Hosting an in-store event and offering up exclusive invites is a proven way to make customers happy – not to mention, boost sales. “Show your most valued customers you appreciate their business by inviting them to special events,” advises Power, “Perhaps you can give them a special offer on items they regularly purchase or access to an after-hours sale available to a chosen few.”

At TK Enterprises Inc., offering personalized invites to in-store events is our specialty. For many years, our one-of-a-kind Retail Event Marketing services have helped jewelry stores across North America treat their customers to exclusive experiences and offers, knocking their competition out of the water!

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