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No matter the industry, business owners are always thinking about the ways in which they can increase sales. Often, they consider elaborate advertising campaigns that are targeted towards new customers. The idea that more customers are the way to secure more sales is commonplace – but not entirely correct. Experts agree that concentrating on existing customers is the true way to boost sales.

This is certainly true in the jewelry industry. We’ve often discussed, in our blog, that jewelry purchases are regularly based on personal attachments to both the pieces and the recipients of those pieces. Sentimental value and heartfelt emotion are often part of the buying decisions made by customers in jewelry stores. As a result, paying a strong attention to the needs, concerns and wants of such customers is paramount.

Get to know your customers.

Jewelry store owners and their staff members should be encouraged to learn more about the people who have made purchases in their stores. Catering to their needs and exceeding their expectations, as it relates to customer service, are important ways to encourage repeat business. As Tracy Matthews points out on CreateHype.com, one of the top ways to boost jewelry sales is to devote time to current customers.

“Book an appointment to work on getting more sales and following up with existing clients every day,” she recommends, “Carving time might include things like crafting your newsletter, calling on new clients, servicing previous clients, customer relationship building, asking for referrals and reaching out to ask for the order. These principles can be catered to any jewelry business model.”

Consider the customer experience – not just the products you’re selling.

When people enter through the doors of your store, they should be met with both an inviting atmosphere and warm and friendly sales representatives. To inspire loyalty, jewelry stores need to make customer experiences memorable. On CrestFinancial.com, Brett Peterson writes that stores should be made to be “warm” destinations.

“Customers are looking for a place where they feel truly taken care of to make this purchase,” he says, “Nothing helps create this atmosphere like warm, friendly sales associates. Instruct your sales team to always smile and acknowledge the emotional nature of the merchandise. More than anything, your sales reps will appear inviting by welcoming customers when they arrive and thanking them when they leave. Rest assured this alone will make an impression.”

Never take your customers for granted.

In other words, don’t just assume that because someone has made a purchase in your store, he/she is bound to return. It’s up to you to reach out to your existing customers to let them know that you value their business. Offering personal invites back to your place of business is a proven way to generate both repeat business and referrals.

The one-of-a-kind Retail Event Marketing services provided by TK Enterprises Inc. have proven that when a jewelry store’s existing customers are called and invited to upcoming in-store events, a boost in sales is imminent. Our talented and experienced team of phone agents are experts in growing customer relationships. By having them contact your customers on your store’s behalf, you will successfully create a path towards greater sales.

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