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Jewelry Promotions: Dial Your Way to Success with Effective Calls

When it comes to promoting your jewelry business, one of the most effective tools in your arsenal is telemarketing. By reaching out to your customers directly, you have the opportunity to inform them about upcoming events, sales, and new arrivals, ultimately driving more foot traffic to your store or increasing online sales.

But how often should you call your customers? When does it become a nuisance, and when is it truly beneficial? In this blog post, we’ll explore the art of the call and how you can dial your way to success with effective telemarketing strategies in the jewelry industry.


The Art of the Call: Striking the Perfect Frequency

Navigating the sweet spot of communication frequency is a mastery that can propel your jewelry business to unprecedented heights. It’s a delicate dance between maintaining presence and respecting boundaries. The key? A quarterly cadence of calls. This rhythm allows you to illuminate the allure of your latest collections and not-to-be-missed events, keeping your store vibrantly alive in the minds of your customers without veering into the realm of irritation.

Imagine this: Your call is the beacon that lights up their day, a touchpoint that customers begin to anticipate and cherish. It’s not just a call; it’s a rendezvous with exclusivity, an opportunity for them to be in the know, to feel connected, and to partake in the beauty that your jewelry encapsulates. This is where the magic happens – in the art of anticipation, not inundation.

Remember, each interaction is an opportunity to weave a richer narrative about your brand, to deepen the emotional connection with your clientele. It’s about striking a chord that resonates with their desires and aspirations, making every call a step towards an enduring relationship rather than a fleeting transaction. Let each ring signal not just an offer, but an invitation to experience the exquisite, the unique, and the truly special offerings that only your brand can provide.

In the grand symphony of telemarketing, it’s the perfect pitch and timing that create harmony. By mastering the art of the call and striking the perfect frequency, you’re not just reaching out – you’re resonating, reverberating in the very essence of your customers’ lives, making your brand unforgettable.


The Golden Rule: Quality Over Quantity

Dive deep into the heart of telemarketing with a strategy that exudes brilliance: Quality over Quantity. This isn’t about bombarding your cherished clientele with endless streams of calls; it’s about crafting moments of meaningful connection that resonate on a personal level.

Each call to your customers should be a masterstroke, an encounter that reinforces their value to your brand and enriches their affinity for your exquisite jewelry offerings.

When they hear your store name, let it be a beacon of exclusivity, a whisper of luxury that beckons them back to your brand, time and again. This precision dedication to nurturing each call with the utmost care and personal touch, sets the stage for not just immediate conversions but cultivates a fertile ground for long-term loyalty.

In the high-stakes arena of jewelry telemarketing, let your mantra be the crafting of calls that are as precious and well-conceived as the jewels you offer. For in this realm, it is the quality of connection that ultimately crowns your brand a cherished jewel in the hearts of your customers.


Expanding Your Reach: The Telemarketing Company Advantage

Unleash the true potential of your jewelry brand by joining forces with a telemarketing company, such as TK Enterprises Inc, a strategic move that can significantly amplify your promotional efforts. This collaboration is not just about expanding your reach; it’s about harnessing the power of expertise and advanced technology to connect with a broader audience, transforming your vision into palpable success.

Imagine the possibilities when you have a dedicated team of professionals, whose sole focus is to eloquently communicate the essence of your brand, turning each call into an opportunity for growth and connection.

Embarking on this journey allows you to streamline your operations, granting you the freedom to concentrate on the creative and operational aspects of your business while the experts handle the frontline of customer engagement. It’s an efficient, effective way to ensure that no stone is left unturned in your quest to captivate and charm potential customers.

Telemarketing companies like TK Enterprises Inc. bring to the table a wealth of experience in navigating customer interactions, equipped with sophisticated tools and analytics to tailor each campaign for maximum impact. They understand the nuance of timing, the importance of a personalized approach, and the art of conversation – turning every call into a potential sale and a step closer to achieving your business goals.

In this era of relentless competition, leveraging a telemarketing company’s advantage is a game-changer, a strategic decision that positions your jewelry brand not just to compete, but to dominate.


Turning Calls into Conversions: Strategies for Success

Ignite the flame of desire within your customers by employing dynamic strategies that make every telemarketing call a pathway to conversion. It’s not just about reaching out; it’s about crafting an irresistible call to action that they simply can’t refuse. Introduce exclusive, time-sensitive offers that are available only to those who commit during the call, creating a compelling reason for immediate action.

Through these intentional, focused actions, watch as your telemarketing efforts transcend mere calls, becoming the cornerstone of your brand’s success in the competitive jewelry market.

The Power of Telemarketing: Increasing Traffic to Your Jewelry Store this Mother’s Day

In the world of retail, especially in the jewelry industry, the power of telemarketing cannot be underestimated. As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s crucial for jewelry store owners to find ways to increase traffic to their stores and boost sales.

By reaching out to customers through personalized calls, you have the opportunity to not only promote your Mother’s Day deals but also create a genuine connection with your audience. Let’s explore how telemarketing can be a valuable tool in driving traffic to your jewelry store this Mother’s Day.


Understanding the Emotional Journey of Jewelry Buying

The act of selecting a piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day is imbued with profound emotional significance. It’s a heartfelt endeavor, where every choice reflects a narrative of love, gratitude, and recognition. This journey often starts with the anticipation of capturing those unspoken feelings in a tangible form.

For many, it involves thoughtful contemplation, considering what design or gemstone would best express their appreciation for the maternal figures in their lives. The ultimate joy of presenting a piece of jewelry is not just in the giving but in witnessing the emotional resonance it creates. As jewelers, recognizing and honoring this emotional journey is paramount.

Our role is to guide our customers through this process with empathy and understanding. By delving into the stories that bring customers into our stores, we can offer insights and suggestions that align with their emotions and intentions. This approach transforms the buying experience from a simple transaction to a shared journey of celebration and acknowledgment of the myriad roles mothers play in our lives.

By facilitating this journey with sensitivity and care, we not only contribute to the creation of lasting memories but also foster deeper connections with our customers, making each piece of jewelry a testament to the enduring bond between giver and recipient.


The Art of Personalized Telemarketing

In the realm of telemarketing for your beloved jewelry store, the essence of personalization cannot be stressed enough. It’s about creating a dialogue that feels as precious and unique as the pieces we offer. Imagine crafting calls that resonate on a personal level, where every word spoken feels tailored to the individual on the other end of the line. This approach transforms a simple call into an experience, an opportunity to deepen our connection with our cherished customers.

Personalized telemarketing is akin to selecting the perfect piece of jewelry for a loved one; it requires thought, care, and a deep understanding of the recipient. It begins with the meticulous segmentation of your customer database, allowing you to curate messages that speak directly to the heart of each customer’s desires and preferences. This might involve highlighting a new collection that mirrors their style or reminding them of an upcoming Mother’s Day event that seems as though it was crafted just for them.

Imagine the delight of a customer receiving a call that not only remembers her favorite gemstone but also suggests a new piece that complements her collection. Or the warmth felt by another when acknowledged not just as a customer, but as a cherished member of your store’s community, invited to an exclusive event designed with their tastes in mind.

This nuanced approach to telemarketing elevates the customer experience from transactional to transformational. It’s not merely about informing them of deals and offers; it’s about weaving a narrative of appreciation and individuality, making each customer feel seen, understood, and valued. In the intricate dance of telemarketing, personalization is the step that turns a routine call into a moment of connection and warmth.


Timing is Everything: When to Reach Out to Your Customers

Understanding the perfect timing for reaching out to your customers with telemarketing calls can significantly elevate the success of your Mother’s Day campaign. It’s a delicate balance, akin to selecting the precise moment to express heartfelt emotions, which requires intuition and careful consideration. Initiating these calls too early might risk your message being forgotten amidst the daily bustle, while reaching out too late could mean missing the opportunity to influence decision-making at a critical time.

To find this sweet spot, consider the unique buying patterns of your clientele. Some may be early planners, appreciating a gentle nudge weeks in advance, allowing them the luxury of time to ponder over their choices. Others might thrive on the immediacy of last-minute decisions, where a timely reminder a few days before Mother’s Day could be the decisive factor that leads them to your door. By aligning your telemarketing efforts with these patterns, your calls will be received as thoughtful and opportune rather than intrusive.

Moreover, leveraging important dates other than Mother’s Day itself—such as the start of spring or significant cultural events that resonate with motherhood—can also be an effective strategy. These moments can serve as gentle prompts for customers to start thinking about Mother’s Day gifts, providing your store the advantage of being top of mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

In essence, successful timing in telemarketing is not just about the calendar but understanding the rhythm of your customers’ lives and meeting them where they are in their journey toward making that special purchase for Mother’s Day.


Crafting Mother’s Day Deals Your Customers Can’t Resist

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, designing exclusive offers that deeply resonate with the desires of your clientele becomes an art form, akin to crafting the very jewelry pieces that capture their hearts.

Imagine introducing a promotion that not only captivates but also speaks directly to the unique stories and relationships your customers cherish. For instance, a bespoke engraving service offered at no additional cost with the purchase of a pendant or ring, allowing buyers to etch a personal message or date, adding an unparalleled level of intimacy and thoughtfulness to their gift.

Engage your audience further by hosting a “Design Your Own Jewelry” event, inviting customers to collaborate with your artisans. This empowers them to create or customize a piece that perfectly embodies their feelings and the essence of the mother figure they’re celebrating.

By tailoring these promotions to reflect the myriad ways love and appreciation can be expressed, you invite customers into an experience that transcends the ordinary. It’s about offering them a journey as memorable as the day they aim to celebrate, ensuring your jewelry store becomes a cherished part of their Mother’s Day narrative.


Celebrating All Mothers: A Broad Perspective on Motherhood

Embracing a wide-angle view of motherhood enriches the fabric of our Mother’s Day celebrations, acknowledging that the essence of motherhood is not confined to a single definition. Motherhood can manifest through various relationships – be it the nurturing care of grandmothers, the supportive guidance of aunts, or the profound bond with those who step into our lives as mother figures. This Mother’s Day, let us honor the diversity of maternal love in all its forms.

By curating a collection that speaks to every kind of mother, we extend an invitation of inclusivity and recognition. Showcasing pieces that resonate with the uniqueness of each relationship, from elegant classics to modern expressions, ensures that each customer finds the perfect symbol of appreciation. In doing so, we not only celebrate the myriad dimensions of motherhood but also affirm the special place of every mother figure in our hearts. This broad perspective allows us to connect more deeply with our customers, understanding that the beauty of motherhood is as diverse as the individuals who embody it.


If you’re thinking about a Mother’s Day calling campaign, let us know.

Calling & Collecting Customers to Your Business!

Calling & Collecting Customers to Your Business!

Who Are We?

TK Enterprises Inc. is a sales and marketing company based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  The 3 primary services TKE offers are:

  • Retail Telephone Event Marketing, Appointment Setting, and Sales Training.
  • We have been in operation   since 1980. TK Enterprises Inc. has made
  • 1 Million calls for jewellery events since 2013.

What is “Telephone Event Marketing”?
Phone calls are made to your existing customers who have made purchases within the last 18 months.  Experienced, enthusiastic and well-trained callers make a personal phone call to invite customers to an in-store event. The caller relays details about the current promotion, including store location and date/time. They speak to customers live and leave voicemail messages with event details.

Why Choose TK Enterprises?
Phone calls are highly effective at delivering the message of the event to the customer due to the fact that callers will either speak directly with the customer or they will leave an enthusiastic voicemail.  Unlike most other forms of marketing, voicemail is almost always “listened to” before deleted, resulting in a very high penetration of message delivery.

How does it work?

  • Customer Lists are generated by the store
  • Approved scripts are tailored to each store
  • Calls will show a local phone number and your store name on the call display
  • Calls are made within 2 weeks prior to event start date – up to 2500 calls completed within 5 days of the event, 2501+ within 10 days
  • Post event results submitted for Sales vs Calls reporting

 What are some of the key features of this service?

  • Quality control through call monitoring
  • Detailed results for accountability and transparency
  • Recorded calls where applicable
  • In depth reporting for retailers to update their database and take action on items
  • FREE Return on Investment Analysis reports available

At TK Enterprises Inc., we have a lot of experience working with North American jewelers and helping them to host in-store events that showcase their excellent customer service practices. Let’s put our knowledgeable team of phone agents to work for you!

For more information about our Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com.

How Calling Your Customers Can Land You in Hot Water With the FTC

How Calling Your Customers Can Land You in Hot Water With the FTC

Were you aware that making a phone call to one of your previous customers could land you in the type of hot water that could see you receive a fine of $16,000? We’re willing to bet you had no idea. And why would you? As a jeweller, your expertise involves gold, silver, diamonds and the many other materials that make up the beautiful items on your product list. You know jewellery. At TK Enterprises Inc., however, we know phone calling.

There are rules and regulations put in place to protect consumers from scam artists, phishers and robocalls. The last thing you want to do when embarking on a telephone-based marketing campaign is run the risk of violating the rules set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Both in Canada and the US, there is a National Do Not Call Registry. If you’re tired of getting spam or phishing phone calls, as a consumer, you have the ability to register your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry. This should stop people from calling you if their calls aren’t warranted. There are, however, certain exceptions. Political campaigns and charitable phone calls are exempt. An “established business relationship” is also exempt.

When TK Enterprises Inc. works with a retailer, we let them know how far back they can go.  Each state is different! Even if a customer is registered on the Do Not Call list, we have the right to call on behalf of the client because of the established business relationship.

In some states, however, things work a bit differently.

Federally, it’s 18 months. However, in some states, there are either 6, 12 or 18 months legislation that do not abide by federal rules. In Wisconsin and Indiana, however, the number is 0. In other words, the minute a transaction is complete, the customer is no longer considered a customer who can be called unless he/she has given implicit and written permission to the merchant to contact him/her.

In both states, retailers with brick and mortar stores must apply for permits that cost money. Only then do you have the ability to go into the DNC database to research customer phone numbers to see if they are in there.

If the phone numbers are listed, they cannot be called – no exceptions. However, if the phone numbers are not listed, retailers are free to call those customers.

TK Enterprises Inc. has personally paid the $750.00 permit fee for Indiana-based clients. That way, we can do database searches on their behalf. Our one permit is able to cover all of our clients so that they don’t have to each pay for them themselves. In Wisconsin, however, each applicant’s tax ID must be registered individually.

The Importance of Letting The Experts Handle Your Phone Calls

If you’re calling customers who haven’t been in your store for two years, they aren’t considered “customers” as far as the Federal Trade Commission is concerned. Simply put, you run the risk of having such individuals report you to the FTC.

Remember that the legislation are based on constantly rolling time periods. At TK Enterprises Inc., we specifically launch calling campaigns that are based on very clear understandings of the time limits within which we can make the calls.

It’s our job to know the law for you.

We ensure that our calls are made within the legal time parameters set out by the legislation in each specific state.

For more information about our Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com

Why Aren’t You Calling Your Customers?

Why Aren’t You Calling Your Customers?

How can phone calls benefit the retailer?
Phone calls are the only type of marketing where you are speaking with a customer live. This allows you to gauge interest from your customers, book appointments, or to simply be combined with other forms of marketing to create a buzz.

You will also get live feedback from the customers, where it would be impossible with all other forms of marketing. How else would you know that your VIP customer cannot attend the sale, as they are out of town for the graduation of one of their children? This then allows you to reach out to that customer before or after the event to make the phone call even more personal.

Our phone calls also allow you to update your customer databases. When we are calling, because of the nature of the call, the customer will tell us that they have relocated, or that this is the wrong number etc, thus allowing you to update this internally to avoid calling and/or reaching out for future events.

At TK Enterprises, we handle more volume than many retailers’ store staff can handle.  Our callers don’t have all the other responsibilities that a salesperson would. This frees up your sales reps to do what they do best….sell!

How can phone calls benefit your customers?
Your customers are subjected to all forms of marketing all day long. They see billboards, emails, website banner ads, radio and TV commercials, but very rarely do they receive a personal call inviting them to an in-store event.

When we call your customers, we are giving them the information for the event and they have the opportunity to have a conversation with a real person, in real time and can ask questions to the caller accordingly.

Additionally, they may have seen the email or advertisement for the event and thought “Oh, I need to get around to calling,” but haven’t found the time. We give your customer a platform to speak and share feedback.  If the customer has any concerns or questions, they have a live person who can get them information.

How many customers can we call?
Each caller can make between 200 and 250 calls between 10am and 6pm local to the retailer’s time zone, Monday through Friday, with some exceptions on Saturdays.

When should phone calls to your customers be made?
If your event is appointment based, you’ll want calls to take place one week in advance of the event. This gives your customers time to clear their schedule and plan ahead. If your event is an open invitation, calls should take place three to five days before the event; this creates a ‘buzz’ and ensures that the customer won’t forget by calling too far in advance.

What are the overall benefits of using our services?
The biggest benefit is our ability to reach more customers in a shorter time span than your store staff usually can. We can call 5000 existing customers within 2-3 days, freeing up your internal staff to interact with your customers in the store.

At TK Enterprises Inc., we have a lot of experience working with North American jewellers and helping them to host in-store events that showcase their excellent customer service practices. Let’s put our knowledgeable team of phone agents to work for you!

For more information about our Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com.

3 Fresh Jewelry Marketing Techniques For The Fall

3 Fresh Jewelry Marketing Techniques For The Fall

With the fall season officially getting underway this Saturday, there will be a shift in the way people approach their shopping routines. This is especially true for those who plan on shopping for jewelry. As all jewelers and fashion-conscious people alike are aware, the changing of the season brings about a changing of fashion sense. As a result, there are particular pieces you may wish to consider promoting in the weeks to come.

Here are three fresh jewelry marketing techniques for the fall:

1. Book a professional photo shoot.

There are few ways to better create an attention-grabbing marketing campaign than to post vibrant photos on your company website and social media pages. Taking pictures of your jewelry, however, shouldn’t be done with your smartphone. Hire a professional photographer to not only take the shots, but to design backgrounds that greatly compliment the pieces you wish to promote for the fall.

“Showing off your jewelry isn’t just a matter of having photos,” agrees Joy Gendusa on PostcardMania.com, “You need HIGH QUALITY photos to capture the intricate details of your diamonds and gems…Photos that clearly SHOW the quality and beauty of your jewelry will make your jewelry store marketing much more effective because prospects will instantly be able to SEE that you have something worth buying.”

2. Make heavy use of your social media accounts.

What good are beautiful pictures if no one sees them? As mentioned, your website should include an array of the photos taken at your recent shoot. But your company’s social media accounts should also play host to your eye-catching pictures. It’s well known that the majority of social media users greatly enjoy viewing and sharing photos. As Gendusa insists, “people LOOK and click when they see images!”

She goes on to reveal a number of very telling statistics about social media use: 79% of the U.S. population uses Facebook, 70% of Facebook users login daily and 75% of users take action after seeing an Instagram advertising post. “Social media is a FREE way to get your jewelry marketing out so people can see what beautiful items you have for sale, and you can drive clicks from social media back to your website,” Gendusa adds.

3. Make it all about customer service.

You can launch the most elaborate marketing campaign in your company’s history. But it won’t likely create the type of interest in your brand that genuinely enjoyable interactions can. Never forget to put the needs and wants of your customers first. Remember to treat them like people and not just means to potential sales.

“When a consumer is making a sizable purchase, be it a diamond engagement ring or a gold bracelet, they want to get the best product for the best price,” writes Nancy Friedman on FitSmallBusiness.com, “But they also expect the salesperson to not only be knowledgeable, but to provide superior customer service. Eighty-seven percent of customers share good experiences with others, and 88 percent are influenced by online customer service reviews when making a buying decision.”

At TK Enterprises Inc., we have a lot of experience working with North American jewelers and helping them to host in-store events that showcase their excellent customer service practices. Let’s put our knowledgeable team of phone agents to work for you!

For more information about our Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!

Can Back To School Season Be Profitable For Jewelers?

Can Back To School Season Be Profitable For Jewelers?

We are currently in the midst of what retail pundits call the second busiest shopping season of the year. Apparently, back to school season is second only to the obvious end-of-year holiday celebration in terms of seeing boosts in retail sales. With the start of school just a few weeks away, merchants from all over North America are now heavily promoting their back to school sales.

Clearly, not all retailers sell items that are specific to a student’s return to school. But, it’s important to remember that there are many items outside of pens, paper, backpacks and clothing that are needed during this time of year. Consider the fact that parents everywhere are looking for ways to relax themselves following very busy summers. Owners of salons, for example, would be wise to offer discount manicures and pedicures to hard-working moms and dads.

How can your jewelry store profit from back to school season?

As a jeweler, it’s certainly never lost on you that fashion remains at the forefront of most consumers’ minds all year round. And, of course, fashion trends change depending on the time of year. With the summertime slowly winding down, most shoppers are currently on the lookout for such items as sweaters, boots, hats and scarves. Promoting your jewelry as accessories to new fall fashions is a great way to get in on the back to school shopping craze.

“Back to School and the return of fall means a different clothing selection, and people are looking at new book and hobby choices,” says Brandon Pierre on SPSCommerce.com, “Since they’re going to be spending less time outside, now that school is back in session, they want something to do. Fashion, of course, follows the seasons just as it always has, with a different color palette, longer sleeves and thicker fabrics.”

What types of jewelry will be most sought after for fall?

A variety of experts will share a myriad of different opinions. So, our advice is to utilize your experience and consider the various pieces of jewelry that you’ve noticed are your most popular sellers during this time of year. WorldMarket.com points out that the autumn season usually encourages people to wear more earthy tones. As a result, it highlights gold as a top autumn jewelry trend.

“We’re betting it all on the staying power of these fresh takes on gold-toned jewelry,” says the site, “Unusual accents like azure stones, leather-wrapped strands and tribal beading deliver a down to earth feel to this most heavenly hue.”

What is the best way to promote your back to school sale?

At TK Enterprises Inc., we’re big proponents of the in-store event. Our long-standing history has taught us that jewelers who invite their customers back into their stores for exclusive experiences reap the highest benefits. Our Event Marketing services are one-of-a-kind in that they put a highly experienced team of phone agents to the task of calling customers on behalf of our clients.

Get us to get on the phone for you! For more information about our Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!

Christmas In July: How To Move Inventory During Your Slower Summer Months

Christmas In July: How To Move Inventory During Your Slower Summer Months

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Now, that could either be the oddest way to begin a blog written in the middle of July – or, it could the greatest way to promote your jewelry store during the usually slow summer! Many jewelers suffer the “dog days of summer” and yearn for the many-months-away holiday season when jewelry sales go through the roof. As a result, the concept of running a “Christmas In July” sale is one that many have adopted.

With Valentine’s Day having long passed and both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day now behind us, there aren’t many holidays in the summer calendar where jewelry-buying is the norm for the purpose of gift-giving. This is why a special sale that welcomes the holiday season a little early (a lot early, actually!) is an ideal way to boost sales. And there are various ways to go about it.

Clearance sales.

This is probably the most obvious type of sale to launch during your “Christmas In July” initiatives. Be sure to advertise the fact that you have a number of dazzling items that are priced to clear. It goes without saying that discounted prices are great ways to attract customers into your store. Use your social media channels to help put out the word that you are having clearance sales all summer long.

“Clearance sales are a great method to move excess or stale inventory, especially if you capitalize on your marketing methods like email lists, text alerts, and social media posts,” writes Kris Hiiemaa on Erply.com, “Let your customers know what’s on sale and for how much — and don’t be afraid to personalize it either. After all, you should’ve been building a nice customer database for an opportunity just like this!”

Bundle packages.

Are there some slow moving pieces in your store that would excellently compliment some of your more popular items? Consider creating new pairings between earrings and necklaces or rings and bracelets. Perhaps, you can create specially-made bundle packages including any and all of the above and offer them at special limited-time prices.

“Your slow-moving inventory can still turn to cash in your pocket if you bundle it,” insists Hiiemaa, “Bundling means to combine your products into one sale for a customer. You have several ways to bundle your stock, so look at what will work best for your sales…Your margins will be reduced, but you’ll move the stale product off your shelf because your customers will see a perceived value in the offer.”

In-store events.

If it’s one thing that the holiday season and the summertime have in common, it’s that parties are often thrown throughout. Why not host a special “Christmas In July” in-store event? It will provide you with ample opportunities to meet and greet your current customers, providing them with exclusive offers not available at any other point in the season.

At TK Enterprises, we specialize in providing one-of-a-kind Event Marketing services that put our experienced and highly motivated team of phone agents to the task of making personal phone calls directly to your customers. Allow us to handle the invites to your next in-store event for you!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!


Clear Policies Will Help Your Jewelry Store To Stand Out From All The Rest

Clear Policies Will Help Your Jewelry Store To Stand Out From All The Rest

“Good customer service can really build a store’s reputation,” says Johnny Katz on RapNet.com, “87% of customers share good experiences with others and 88% are influenced by online customer service reviews when making buying decisions.” The statistics revealed by Katz come courtesy of InsightSquared. It’s a survey, he notes, that proves that excellent customer service can make or break your reputation as a diamond retailer.

And while excellent customer service can help any retailer to grow its reputation, it’s important to note that there are some specific policies that should be put in place to help your jewelry store stand out from the all rest.

Your ring sizing policy.

As a jeweler, you’ve likely had countless requests to have rings sized correctly. Naturally, rings are popular sellers, especially for those who are preparing for the married life. Of course, rings come in all shapes and sizes and often need to be adjusted to match the fingers of the buyers and/or recipients. Having a specific ring sizing policy in place is paramount to the sterling reputation of your brand.

“When a customer orders a ring in the wrong size, how are you going to handle pricing on the piece?” asks Marlene Richey on RioGrandeBlog.com, “Charge a one-time sizing fee? Let the first sizing on a ring be free? You will cover the sizing costs if it only goes up one size? What happens if the ring can’t be sized?”

Your damaged jewelry policy.

It’s important to come up with a policy that can create a happy medium between satisfied customer and your company’s bottom line. Richey admits that there are many instances when customers return damaged jewelry claiming that it was defective, when really the damage occurred due to their own actions. What is your store’s policy on handling damaged items?

“I have heard so many stories about people who say the stone in their ring fell out because of the designer’s setting, but once the designer gets the ring back, she can immediately see the ring has been sized or worked on by someone else and that is the reason the stone fell out,” Richey shares, “How will you handle this situation?”

Your customer service policy.

As previously mentioned, customer service is integral to business success. In most cases, it’s a customer’s experience that will determine whether or not he/she returns to a store. It’s important to make customers feel welcome in your jewelry store, but it’s just as important to not make them feel like they are being hounded. Katz advises store owners not to ignore customers who appear to be browsing, but not to bombard them when they enter your store either.

He lists a few others Do’s and Don’ts that include “Do focus on the customer before you, but make sure that anyone waiting for your attention knows you will be with them shortly” and “Don’t push a customer to purchase beyond what they truly can afford (you risk them resenting the purchase afterwards, and losing their trust).”

The TK Enterprises Inc. team knows a thing or two about providing excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn about how our Event Marketing services can help to significantly boost your jewelry store’s reputation, helping it to stand out from all the rest. Please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and have someone contact you!


How “Free” Can Help To Grow Your Jewelry Business

How “Free” Can Help To Grow Your Jewelry Business

When most business owners think of the word “free”, they immediately draw the conclusion that there is no money to be made in giving something away. However, as many entrepreneurs have proven time and time again, the total opposite is true. Freebies are well received by consumers, no matter the industry. Who doesn’t like getting something for free?

Remember that “free” comes in many forms.

You don’t have to give away your jewelry in order to make it more appealing to members of your customer base. Sometimes, it’s simply the giving of your time than can make your brand more appealing. On LaunchGrowJoy.com, Betsy Cross from betsy & iya explains that engaging with your customers to make your interactions more personal is one of the best ways to market your jewelry business.

“Tell a story!” she encourages, “Oftentimes in business, we are advised to be professional and leave out the personal. While I completely agree that remaining professional throughout the journey of your business is non-negotiable, I think one of the biggest missteps is actually not making it personal. Strike a balance. One of the strongest choices you can make as a business owner is to give your customers a genuine glimpse into who you are.”

Free perks help to build loyalty.

Do you sell your products online? If so, free shipping is a great way to lure customers away from your competitors. Consumers are prone to sticking to retailers that offer additional perks with their purchases. As Ari Shpanya points out on Econsultancy.com, “free” is a great way to build loyalty – something he believes is one of the most valuable tactics an online retailer can use to boost sales.

“By influencing customers to come back and earn free shipping or a free item, retailers can keep shoppers from visiting a competitor’s website,” he offers, “Plus, 54% of customers would consider increasing the amount of business they do with a company for loyalty rewards.”

Don’t underestimate free advertising.

Not every marketing campaign you invest in has to cost you a pretty penny. Sometimes, your best advertising comes in the form of wearing your items yourself. On LaunchGrowJoy.com, Diane Batoff of Micassileo Jewelry reminds jewelers that every person they meet is a potential customer. “Wear a piece of your jewelry every day, everywhere you go,” she advises, “Be friendly, positive and smile to everyone you see.”

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