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To simply state that “jewelry sells itself” is to misunderstand the jewelry industry. Of course, jewelry will never go out of style. It is highly doubtful there will ever come a time when watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other luxurious accessories will be considered undesirable. However, it’s important to never underestimate the personal nature of the majority of jewelry purchases.

Jewelry store owners across North America know that most consumers put a lot of thought into their jewelry purchases. Whether for themselves or for loved ones, the pieces they choose to buy often have some sort of sentimental value. This is why the relationship between a jeweller and his/her customers is an incredibly important one. Jewelry doesn’t exactly sell itself without the store endearing itself to its target audience.

Therefore, a jewelry store owner must always be focused on how to continually encourage customers to visit his/her store. Here are three ways to do that:

1. Make excellent customer service a highlight of your brand.

It will certainly benefit you to offer beautifully-crafted jewelry in your store. But, without making your customers feel welcome, it is unlikely you will get regular foot traffic from the same people and/or repeat business from previous customers. Shoppers like to feel valued. Doing your part to ensure that excellent customer service is a staple in your store will go a long way in keeping people coming back.

On Leadpages.com, Rachel Wedlund explains how her focus on customer service helped to create and maintain loyal customers for her jewelry store. “Don’t forget to treat all customers well regardless of spend,” she advises, “In my retail days, we had an unassuming married couple purchase nothing but $10 watch batteries from our jewelry store for years (experiencing excellent customer service each time). When they finally bought their first piece of jewelry from our store, it was a $30,000 diamond ring for their anniversary. They didn’t look anywhere else.”

2. Offer up freebies.

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like getting things for free? Keep in mind that what you offer doesn’t have to cost you anything. We’re talking about things like free advice or follow up phone calls. On VendHQ.com, Francesca Nicasio reveals that Tanzanite Jewelry Designs owner, Jeff Moriarty believes in the freebie policy. And it has worked wonders for his store.

“Once a month we offer free jewelry cleaning,” Moriarty reports, “Customers can bring in any jewelry they have (of course we have a limit), and we will clean it for them while they wait. During this time, they get to browse our store and hopefully make a purchase or at least have us in their heads for future purchases.”

3. Host an in-store promotional event.

At TK Enterprises Inc., we specialize in making personal invites to in-store events for jewelry stores all over North America. Our highly-experienced team of phone agents works on behalf of jewelry stores to contact their customers in order to make those personal invites. Our Retail Event Marketing services have proven to not only encourage high turnout rates, but they have shown to significantly grow loyal relationships between our clients and their customers.

Wedlund shares that in-store events have been very beneficial for her jewelry store. “For years, I worked at an independent jewelry store, where the biggest event was an annual customer appreciation sale,” she explains.

“During the in-store event, every item in the store was on sale, we provided free coffee and cookies, and we raffled off watches and gift certificates…entrants provided their email addresses so we could re-engage our customers in the future…This simple strategy was a way to remind guests of the good time they had and get them to come back in weeks or months down the road.”

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