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Now that May is officially here, people all over North America can officially start enjoying the spring! Depending on your neck of the woods, you may not have been enjoying the warmest of weather in recent weeks. It’s safe to say that we’re now experiencing the time of year when, for the most part, days are sunny and bright and the temperatures are mild, at worst.

So what does warmer weather mean for your jewelry store?

Well, firstly, allow us to state the obvious. When the weather is nicer, more people tend to leave their homes. That gives retailers more opportunities to welcome more customers through the doors of their stores. But with the impending summer (it officially starts next month!), you can be sure that there will be many scheduled events that people will look forward to attending.

Why not schedule a summer event to be hosted by your company?

We don’t just offer this suggestion as a way for you to enjoy the warmest months of the year. Although we recognize that most people enjoy a good barbeque, company picnic or summer festival, we’re also aware that summertime in-store events work wonders for jewelry stores. You don’t have to take it from us! The good people over at JCK Magazine have gotten the scoop from a number of industry professionals.

On their website, they field a question from Vic Hellberg who is the owner of Hellberg’s Jewelers in Marshalltown, Iowa: “What’s the most creative way to capitalize on slow summer months?” We’re not surprised to see that many of the responses included the hosting of in-store events.

“We typically have two to three events,” responds Nicole Lasker who is the vice president of Lasker Jewelers in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, “In June [we had] a wedding band show and a restyling event. In July Pandora is planning a gift-with-purchase program. In August we’d like to host a launch party for Belle Étoile…We’ll also be stepping up email blasts. This summer we decided to spend 5 to 7 percent more on radio…in part to promote our summer events.”

Charity events are great ways to get exposure.

Cindi Rottermond is the vice president of Michigan-based, Rottermond Jewelers. She also chimed in to inform that her company enjoys hosting charity events, pointing out that they are great ways to get exposure so that customers don’t forget your business. “Even if customers aren’t coming in to buy something, a charity event can serve as a means of clienteling,” she offers.

At TK Enterprises Inc., we’re dead set on helping jewelers all over North America launch their most successful in-store events to date this summer. With the help of our Event Marketing services, we’re confident we can help jewelers all over the continent significantly boost their sales. History has shown it works!

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