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Allow us to answer the question posed by the title of this week’s blog this way: parties are fun! You can call them whatever you want – parties, events, get-togethers, celebrations, occasions – but the same thing rings true for each of them. People enjoy interacting with other people in social settings. The very concept of an in-store event is one that evokes feelings of joy and excitement. The potential presence of music, free food and yes, other people, is often enough to encourage invitees to attend.

Why should you invite your customers to an in-store event at your jewelry store?

Considering everything that we just mentioned, it’s wise to never forget that jewelry purchases are, most often, of personal natures. Regularly purchased as gifts for loved ones, a lot of thought and consideration goes into buying jewelry. This is a top reason why giving yourself the opportunity to speak with your customers is a great idea.

Being able to interact with your customers at an in-store event enables you to ask probing questions to get to know them better. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to meet their needs. This includes offering items that meet both their budgets and personal tastes. An in-store event gives you an opportunity to learn more about the people who support your business. However, it also gives your customers opportunities to learn more about you.

How can you create a “learning event” out of your in-store event?

On VerticalResponse.com, Kim Stiglitz explains that learning events are the type of events that teach attendees how to make use of the products and services offered by a business. However, the most impactful of learning events are the ones that are interactive and hands-on. This is where store owners literally place their products in the hands of their event attendees.

“If you’ve ever stepped foot in an Apple store, you know the power of putting your product or service into people’s hands,” says Stiglitz, “When they see it, touch it, experience the results of using it and how it can help them, it’s priceless.” The same can easily be said for your jewelry pieces. Naturally, many would-be customers like to try on the pieces of jewelry they’re interested in to see how they look. Your in-store events give your customers ample opportunities to look into mirrors wearing your products.

How do in-store events strengthen customer relationships?

When customers are invited to your in-store event, they are given senses of being VIPs. Exclusive invites, after all, are ways of saying “you’re important to me”. Who doesn’t love the feeling of being important? And who wouldn’t enjoy being treated like a VIP? Stiglitz highlights the benefits of making customers feel like they’re part of something exclusive.

“People love to be part of exclusive, special things and a VIP event can help attract them like crazy,” she writes, “You can create a members-only event or a VIP event for your most loyal customers and offer them special shopping hours, a nice discount and elevated customer service. These types of events have been wildly popular for years and spawned the now well-known concept of Friends & Family day events, etc.”

How can you guarantee that your next in-store event is a success?

At TK Enterprises Inc., we firmly stand behind our one-of-a-kind Retail Event Marketing services and confidently offer them as your best chance of packing the house for your next in-store event. Our phone agents have decades of experience, calling customers to offer exclusive invites to in-store events. By making friendly, personal connections with customers, our team has been able to help countless jewelry store owners enjoy major successes!

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