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In today’s world, making personal connections is often a huge part of any company’s advertising strategy. With the advent and massive popularity of social media, businesses have taken to getting into regular conversations with the members of their customer bases in ways they never thought of before. Arguably, there is no better way to know what makes a customer tick than to find out directly from the source. This is why making phone calls is so important.

Have you noticed that people tend to call each other less these days? Advances in technology have given us the smartphone. It enables us to surf the internet, watch videos, update our social media profiles and text message our friends. Oh, and it also allows to make phone calls. The way we see it, smartphones help to remind us about how traditional phone calls are harder to come by these days. Texting, for example, has grown as a major communication source.

At TK Enterprises Inc., we’re also regularly reminded about the power of the phone call because of the success of our Retail Event Marketing services. We offer a unique service like no other – and it works to build the relationships between the jewelry stores we represent and their customers. Whenever our clients plan in-store events, our talented team of phone agents call customers on their behalf to send out the invites.

Does it make a huge difference to deliver those invites over the phone? There are so many facets of a phone call that make the personal connection stronger than any other source of communication – perhaps, other than a face-to-face meeting. Let’s discuss first, the fact that phone invites help to significantly outshine your competition. These days, most businesses are used to relying so heavily on social media that they forget the “social” part of their interactions.

An invite made over the phone is less an invite than it is a genuine conversation. When your competitors aren’t connecting with your clients, they give you open opportunities to reconnect with customers in ways that other businesses are forgetting about. A phone call connects one live voice to another. With a real person – and not a voice recording – members of your customer base get to interact with someone who is friendly, knowledgeable and inviting – literally!

How do phone calls add the “wow” factor to your company’s reputation? As mentioned earlier, people aren’t calling each other as much as they used to. And we’re talking about friends and close family members here. As mentioned, people are a lot more likely to send texts than to dial numbers. That’s why when our team calls your customers to invite them to your in-store event, we’re already making great impressions on your behalf!

Direct interactions over the phone also allow your customers to ask questions that can be answered immediately. This often marks the difference between whether or not an invited guest will actually attend your event. People like to have their questions answered quickly – and by a real person! It’s the personal connection, above all else, that generally endears a customer to support a brand several times over.

Our Retail Event Marketing services involve a very experienced team of phone agents that make more than 250 calls per person, per day. They each specialize in making friendly, personal connections with your customers on behalf of your business, making each of your in-store events a major success.

For more information about our Retail Event Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-622-0195. You may also email us at heidi.tke@tomkaufmann.com.