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Black Friday Sale written on a billboard
Everyone knows what December 25th is. But this year, November 25th is also a pretty special day. It’s the date of Black Friday. And, as retailers all over the country know, it’s a time when they can cash in big! The day after Thanksgiving in the United States has been known as a huge shopping day since the 1920s. Stores notoriously lower their prices in order to invite stampedes of shoppers through their doors. Literally.

The term “Black Friday” is thought to draw its origin from the concept of businesses being either in the red (encountering losses) or the black (making profits). Needless to say, this year’s Black Friday is one when you could really take advantage of the fact that shoppers from all over the country will be out bargain hunting. And it should go without saying that jewelry will be highly sought-after this holiday season – as it is every year!

How can your jewelry store take advantage of Black Friday? At TK Enterprises Inc., we highly recommend that you host an in-store Black Friday event. Historically, most retailers wait until Thanksgiving or, at least, the week of to begin advertising their Black Friday sales. We’re of the mind that to get a leg up on your competition, it’s wise to begin advertising an event a few weeks in advance.

The event, of course, is meant to do a lot more than simply advertise that you’re offering special deals. Its purpose is to invite your customers into your store so that you may engage in more direct and personal forms of communication with them. Not only should they be intrigued by your reduced prices, but they should be dazzled by the incredible pieces that you have to offer. The in-store festivities, however, represent much more than a sales event.

Hosting a Black Friday event will give you the opportunity to grow and better develop the relationships you have with your customers well into the future. Naturally, you’d like for them to return to your store long after the holidays are over. Making good impressions on the people you meet and making personal connections are ways to secure a much larger loyal customer base. In our experience, in-store events are excellent at doing that!

How can TK Enterprises Inc. help you to make this year’s Black Friday a big success? Our specialty is re-establishing the connections you’ve made with your customers over the past year. Our talented team of phone agents is used to making more than 250 calls per person, per day. And with over 6,000 square feet of office space and about 100 callers working at a time, we can reach quite a lot of customers to invite to the Black Friday event you host this year!

Our experience has proven to us that there is no better way to invite someone to a special occasion. Not email, not a letter and certainly not an impersonal advertisement. Our Retail Event Marketing services have been helping jewelry stores all over the United States host highly successful Black Friday events for many years. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can make this year’s Black Friday your best one yet!

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