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Phone conversations don’t allow for non-verbal cues such as hand gestures, facial expressions and other forms of body language to communicate messages. Therefore, when speaking with customers over the phone, company representatives must be very mindful of their tones, inflections and choice of words in order to win the hears of their customers. It’s no easy feat. It requires a set of skills that include, but are not limited to the following:

An inclination to address personal matters.  
Doing business over the phone doesn’t have to be all business. In fact, it shouldn’t be. The best customer service reps understand that building connections is at the heart of excellent customer service. Customers value the experiences they have with businesses, sometimes more than the products and services they receive. Thus, it’s important to not bypass any personal details offered to you by customers you’re on the phone with.

An ability to actively listen and pay attention to detail. 
When your customers are speaking to you, be sure to listen attentively and write down important details, if necessary. In many cases, it’s a good idea to repeat back some of what you’ve been told to ensure that you have all the details of their needs and concerns correct. As Yatin Khulbe points out on HuffPost.com, good listening skills help build strong business relationships.

“The average person speaks around 125-175 words per minute while an average number of words one can listen to per minute is around 450,” he informs, “Before jumping to any conclusions, develop a listening habit, pick up the call with the intention of listening customer’s queries and feedback. If you feel the urge to interrupt in between, stay on the track by asking relevant questions.”

Taking initiative to grow the relationships. 
It’s important that you reach out to your customers from time to time to let them know that they are valued. Solid relationships are a two-way street. At TK Enterprises Inc., we offer one-of-a-kind Retail Event Marketing service that puts a friendly and very experienced team of agents to work for you.

On behalf of your jewellery store, our team calls your customers to offer them exclusive invites to your upcoming in-store events. This is a proven marketing strategy that both grows customer relationships and boosts sales!

At TK Enterprises Inc., we have a lot of experience working with North American jewelers and helping them to host in-store events that showcase their excellent customer service practices. Let’s put our knowledgeable team of phone agents to work for you!

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