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The genius and renowned Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottish scientist who moved to Ontario, Canada and later to the Unites States, invented the first electronic telephone, that is essential in the present day. He worked at a school for the deaf while attempting to invent a machine that would transmit sound electronically.

According to History.com, though he is credited with its invention, Alexander Graham Bell refused to have a telephone in his study, fearing it would distract him from his scientific work.

He is famous for numerous inspirational quotes that have guided people through tough and influential times. “When one door closes, another door opens,” gives us the belief and courage to move forward on our endeavors, making us believe that there is no end to anyone’s story, just a constant beginning.

People underestimate the use of a telephone, especially from a marketing perspective, but it can better assist customers and allow a relationship to prosper. A telephone conversation allows a customer to instantly interact with someone and allow them to facilitate their personal needs and can take the time to be able to build a potential relationship. It is a great way to reach out to more customers and results in the continuation of building on going relationships. As a company, you want to ensure that your customers are being helped in the most personal way to express loyalty and commitment.

With social media rising at a rapid speed it can be overwhelming. Telemarketing is a source of advertisement that allows the ability to have a more personal touch with your customers, rather than just over a computer screen. Sure, a customer might have an easier access to apps, website and postage mail, but no questions are answered right away and needs are left forgotten.

A phone conversation allows immediate engagement between the customer and the company. People want to be able to communicate with someone verbally, allowing them to ask questions, ask if they have styles they are interested in or are looking for or markdowns and promotions that are happening. People are always looking for a good deal. It also allows the opportunity for the customer to buy more at the time of purchase.

TK Enterprises Inc.is the best way to exert your brand, events and services. Talking with people on the phone is the most efficient way to communicate and build a relationship with your customers. Telephone and event marketing can be difficult when there are millions of competitors and having a diverse market and keeping that market can be a struggle.  TK Enterprises Inc. eliminates the daily workload of a business owner and their staff and allows them focus on their important everyday obligations. TK Enterprises Inc. can strengthen your brand by calling and connecting your customers to your in-store events, giving your customers increased product awareness with the personal touch they deserve.

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