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Even though we’re only in the second week of October, it makes sense to begin thinking about the upcoming holiday parties you plan on throwing for your business. Of course, like most business owners, you’ve likely considered where and when you plan on hosting a holiday soirée for your employees and co-workers. The impending holiday season is such a joyous time and work parties often help for that to be the case.

However, it can be argued that the fourth quarter of the year – often, the busiest for most retailers – is the perfect time of year to throw a party for your customers as well. As the owner of a jewelry store, you actually have the advantage of running a business that is automatically a huge holiday hit. Naturally, jewelry sales pick up during each year’s holiday shopping rush. And there’s a way for them to pick up more than ever before!

Why not host an in-store holiday event this year? As mentioned, many of your customers have already likely considered jewelry as gifts for their loved ones. Custom jewelry designer, Tracy Matthews has enjoyed much success throwing what she refers to as “jewelry parties” near the end of the year. On her Flourish & Thrive Academy website, she recalls how important it was to host her parties during the holiday season.

“I remember when I had my wholesale jewelry business, my biggest months in sales were always the final 4 months of the year,” writes Matthews, “One of the keys to my success for taking it above and beyond was hosting trunk shows or what I like to call “jewelry parties” in as many places as possible…The key element for all of these sales was that I made it FUN and I offered a great incentive for clients to purchase from me then and there.”

How can you make your in-store holiday event fun? Naturally, parties are meant to be fun. And there are endless ways for you to inject excitement into your in-store event. One of the keys is to welcome your guests with warm and friendly banter that transitions into conversations about the wonderful pieces of jewelry that you have for sale. Especially if you’re introducing particular sales and discounts for the holidays, these conversations can be as lucrative as they are enjoyable.

It’s important to remember that your in-store holiday event can serve as encouragement to purchase accessories that can be worn to other holiday parties. This is another way that holiday parties and jewelry go hand in hand. Most people can’t wait to pick out the accessories they plan on coordinating with their outfits for the parties they will be attending throughout the holiday season.

On her website, jewelry designer, Victoria Tane offers some insight on how to properly accessorize. “One mistake many women make is over accessorizing,” she notes, “Instead of wearing earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a few rings, consider limiting your jewelry to one or two pieces. By editing your jewelry you draw attention to the pieces you have chosen instead of diluting your jewelry’s statement among several pieces.”

Conversations about accessorizing are bound to be abound at your in-store holiday event. But, of course, it will be of paramount importance that you send out invitations that will attract your customers. That’s where the team at TK Enterprises Inc. comes in. Our Retail Event Marketing division make phone calls to your existing customers to personally invite them to your store events. With over 30 years of experience, we can confidently say that no one does what we can do!

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