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The personality of an administrative professional is usually someone that is well rounded, who has a glimpse of a characteristic of everyone in the office, making them effortlessly approachable. They are easy going, organized, one of the most trusted and often go beyond their generic duties to do whatever is necessary at the time of need.

Administrative professionals are often the hub that brings everyone together, whether it is for meetings, questions or concerns and are depended upon in the absence of their executives. They are accountable for the little things that are missed or the loose ends that need to be mended to keep the flow of the workday or events progressing. It is the little things they do that have the biggest impact; that take the load off others in the office and drive an overall successful company.

Listening to a radio station this morning, on 93.1 CHAY-FM, they were conversing on how administrative professionals, especially assistants, know their executives sometimes better than they know themselves, or some even more than their significant others!  They are someone that spends more time with you throughout the day than most and who are there in the blink of an eye, no matter the request.

It is not about the administrative work, but it is learning how their executive thinks, their needs, and putting it above their own.  It is being able to give a sense of ease to their executive so they can focus on the needs of the business, bringing in business and making their day a little more tranquil.

The workplace is an ongoing force that changes daily and though there is very little time in a workday, today above all days, take a moment to show appreciation for all that your administrators do for you!

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