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Have you ever hosted an in-store event at your place of business? If you have, you’re likely well aware of the many benefits that such an event can bring to your store. If you haven’t, you’re likely unaware of just how impactful in-store events can be for your company. Naturally, hosting an event in your store gives you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your customers. It enables you to both re-establish and strengthen relationships with people who have supported your store in the past.

What makes in-store events especially beneficial for those in the jewelry industry? Jewelry purchases are very often made by customers who have very personal connections to their selected items. Engagement rings, anniversary presents, birthday gifts for significant others – these are often the nature of the purchases made in jewelry stores. So, it’s not uncommon for customers to want to think things through before making their buying decisions.

In-store events are so effective for jewelry stores because they give customers opportunities to converse with friendly and knowledgeable sales associates about the reasons for their purchases. This is what makes the jewelry purchase special. It’s not like any other buy. There is often a sentimental attachment to the purchase that needs to be discussed in order for the customer to feel comfortable with his or her decision.

In-store events at jewelry stores also enable customers to try pieces on for themselves. It makes sense for people who are shopping for jewelry to want to see what their options look like while wearing them. In this sense, in-store events serve as great opportunities for customers to sample your items. And research has shown that this significantly boosts sales.

A 2009 study conducted by independent research firm Knowledge Networks-PDI found that stores that allow in-store sampling enjoy a number of benefits. As reported by QSR Magazine, the study proved that “in-store sampling not only has dramatic sales impact on the day of the sampling event, but also increases sales of established products and line extensions, as well as new products, for many weeks following.”

“The study also found in-store sampling lifts sales of the entire brand franchise in addition to the sampled brand, among other things never thought possible. As a result of the study, for the first time in-store sampling can now be considered measured media, and its cost effectiveness, when applied to all of the sampling’s benefits over time, is significantly greater than previously believed.”

IGD Business Analyst, Catherine Ellwood agrees that running in-store events helps for stores to create closer bonds with their customers. By inviting customers to special events, store owners gain greater senses of loyalty. Ellwood notes, however, that there are particular ways that stores can make the most out of their events. And they include having bold, creative displays that can add “wow” factors to the proceedings.

“Injecting color and creativity in-store instantly attracts shoppers’ attention, tempting them to impulse purchase or add extra items to their basket,” writes Ellwood, “Think outside the box to create a different experience from previous years and from other retailers. Consider using augmented or virtual reality to excite shoppers and to make the most of the technology’s growing availability.”

At TK Enterprises Inc., we proudly offer our one-of-a-kind Retail Event Marketing services to help jewelry store owners host the most successful of in-store events. Our phone agents, who call your customers on your store’s behalf, have over 30 years of experience working on the phone. They each make more than 250 phone calls per day, reaching out to your existing customers to make friendly, personal connections with them. Our vast experience has proven that this is the best way to make each of your in-store events a huge success!

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