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Words are not simply sounds caused by air passing through our larynx. Words have real power. (Hebrews 11:3)

We open our mouth and the words tumble out.  They can inspire, soothe, excite, even cause pain on the recipient.  So, as the old adage goes “Choose your words wisely”

As a telephone marketing company, when we call a consumer or a business on behalf of our clients, we need to be sure we choose our words wisely.  You often only have a few minutes to capture the attention of the listener.

For consumers in the retail world, we want to evoke a genuine interest, we want to excite them about an upcoming event, and we want to be friendly and courteous.  Let them know we value them as a customer.

Conversely, when we call for a business to business client, we want to evoke a sense of businesslike saavy, without coming off as an aggressive salesperson, putting the recipient of the call on the defensive.

At TK Enterprises, we believe in the power of words…and we believe that what you say and how you say it can make a huge impact on the person receiving the message.  We work directly with our clients when it comes to script writing to make sure the message we deliver is the best fit for our client.

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