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It would be reasonable to suggest that the way one dresses may be a reflection of her mood. After all, how likely are you to put on a bright yellow dress when you’re depressed? Such a theory was put to the test by a recent study conducted by Karen Pine, who is a professor in the School of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire in England. The study examines the link between our clothing choices and our emotional states.

As Rheyanne Weaver reports on GoodTherapy.org, the study found that women who are sad are more likely to wear baggy tops, jeans, sweatshirts and jumpers. This suggests that a priority to be physically comfortable supersedes one’s need to look her best when feeling depressed. The study also found that women who are happy tend to wear their favorite dresses, jeans and jewelry. In other words, we tend to match our moods with our looks.

And while the study appears to convey that we make our clothing choices based on how we feel, the researchers have determined that what we wear can actually impact our emotional states. “The strong link between clothing and mood state suggests we should put on clothes that we associate with happiness, even when feeling low,” Weaver quotes from the study, which interviewed over 100 women aged between 21 and 64 years of age.

Interestingly, the vast majority of women interviewed – 96 percent, to be exact – stated that they believed that what they wear affects how confident they feel. With that said, it makes sense that jewelry is often looked upon as a mood enhancer. Often purchased to commemorate special occasions and/or bonds between loved ones, jewelry pieces are also seen as beautifying accessories. It can be argued then that happiness and jewelry generally go hand in hand.

Donna Stellhorn is a Feng Shui expert and author of the book, 2012 Year of the Water Dragon. She agrees with the study’s assessment that clothing choices and our moods are intrinsically connected. In Weaver’s article, Stellhorn speaks to the energy that the things we wear bring to us. And, not surprisingly, she pinpoints jewelry as something that has the ability to invoke a positive energy in its wearer.

“In Feng Shui we understand how you dress is associated with the five elements,” Stellhorn is quoted as saying, “Each element has an energy, and we’ll gravitate to the energy that’s in harmony with how we feel at the moment…Women’s hats bring attention (from others and our own) to our heads and indicate a person with power…Jewelry and handbags also bring an energy, and therefore an emotion, to the person.”

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