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Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And, on behalf of the entire TK Enterprises Inc. staff, we hope you had an amazing one! Jewelry store owners continent-wide are well aware of just how important Valentine’s Day is for their businesses. It should be a surprise to no one that jewelry is among the top five most popular gifts for people to give their partners on this traditionally romantic occasion.

According to New Jersey’s Lincroft Village Jewelers, the three most popular types of jewelry that are given as gifts on Valentine’s Day are chocolate diamonds, diamond earrings and engagement rings. Chocolate diamonds, says their website, are a “combination” of the popular Valentine’s Day gifts of chocolates and jewelry since the diamonds are brown in color. Diamond earrings, of course, are classic gifts that never go out of style.

And engagement rings are, quite obviously, the most romantic gifts that can be given on the most romantic day of the year. It should also be no surprise that Valentine’s Day is one of the top days of the year for marriage proposals. In fact, an American Express study found that approximately six million couples are likely to get engaged every 14th of February. It’s also a day when many actually tie the knot.

As reported by Blair Nicole on Inquisitr.com, these statistics prove that Valentine’s Day can always be relied upon by jewelry stores to provide huge amounts of business. “In February 2013, jewelry stores that sell engagement rings (as well as other jewelry) sold an estimated $2.5 billion in jewelry,” she informs, “The same American Express report also stated that the average cost for an engagement ring in 2013 was a hefty $2410.”

Evidently, Valentine’s Day provides a major annual boost in sales for jewelry stores. But, as many jewelry store owners are well aware, this also means that a sizeable drop in sales can be anticipated in the weeks that follow Valentine’s Day. At TK Enterprises Inc., we believe that the weeks and months that follow Valentine’s Day provide the ideal times to plan in-store events to tantalize customers of your store.

Our experience has proven to us that a drop in sales is more about a drop in advertising than it is about the season. After all, there are reasons to celebrate romantic love all year round. While most couples choose to acknowledge Valentine’s Day in uniquely special ways, all couples have different anniversaries, birthdays and other important occasions to celebrate throughout the year. Naturally, this presents year-round reasons to consider jewelry as gifts.

Ensuring that the customers who visited your store prior to Valentine’s Day are reminded that you are the source of all of their jewelry needs is an important part of maintaining lucrative sales numbers. For many years, the unique Retail Event Marketing services provided by TK Enterprises Inc. have assisted jewelry stores across the continent with welcoming back customers to in-store events that both greatly improve customer relationships and boost sales.

Our team is comprised of highly-experienced and friendly phone agents who call customers as representatives of the jewelry stores hosting upcoming events. The personal over-the-phone invites have proven to be much more successful than informal invites made through either the mail or email. To continue the success you’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks, be sure to contact TK Enterprises Inc., to learn more about our Retail Event Marketing services today!

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