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Jewelry is one of those world renown products that has been considered something that can “sell itself”. However, as any good business owner knows, there must always be effort placed on showcasing your products to the general public to inspire interest. Products must be presented in desirable ways to invoke added intrigue within those who may be shopping for what you have to offer. And in the jewelry industry, this is most certainly the case.

The ways in which you present your jewelry are of paramount importance. Are your displays set up in such ways that they are maximizing your ability to sell your products? If not, some changes may be in order. Here are three simple ways to improve your jewelry displays:

1. Make your jewelry the star attraction. In many cases, the “less is more” adage is one to adhere to. That’s because some displays can get too busy, detracting attention away from the products you wish to sell. Most often, added frills should be abandoned for sleek and clean displays that allow the presented jewelry to truly shine. This helps to adequately highlight the beauty of your products.

“Although you can use all kinds of neat props for jewelry displays, I’d like to emphasize that your jewelry should stand out plainly as the star attraction in the display,” writes Yolanda Burmington of Yolanda Jewelry Displays, “Don’t get so carried away creating a cool setting that the display itself steals the scene! It’s easy to let your creative zeal run away with you when you work on your jewelry displays.”

2. Allow for adequate space between brands. Obviously, the majority of jewelry pieces are small. That means that there is usually ample space in each jewelry display to present a large number of items. This, however, can be a lot for shoppers to take in. It’s wise to set up your displays so that there is adequate space between the different types of jewelry and the different brands of jewelry that you have for sale.

“Our eyes need a bit of rest to really see a small item as jewelry often is,” reminds Esther Ligthart on Bizzita.com, “Try to create space. Leave more space between different brands. Just a few items say so much more than a pile of jewelry. Get the lights of your windows right! They need to shine directly onto the jewelry.”

3. Use props that accentuate the jewelry pieces. This is where your color coordination skills will come in very handy. What backgrounds will help to make your pieces of jewelry truly pop? The best displays are eye-catching and engaging. You want to be sure that your pieces are easily visible and appear vibrant against their backdrops.

“Jewelry should show up against whatever props and background materials you use,” says Burmington, “A clear crystal quartz pendant would be practically invisible on a leopard print silk scarf, but a chunky silver cuff bracelet on the same scarf would stand out smashingly. A dark prop and background makes colorful jewelry set stand out stunningly. A background that distinct visually with the jewelry will help the jewelry stand out as the star of the scene being created for it.”

At TK Enterprises Inc., we are very well aware of the importance of vibrant jewelry displays. Our Retail Event Marketing services are designed to invite your customers to your next in-store event so that you have greater opportunities to dazzle them with your unique displays. It’s hard to dispute that there’s a better way to impress your customers than to have them visit your store for face-to-face encounters. And we’ve found that there’s no better way to encourage their visits than to call them directly.

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