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If you ask us, the fact that phone calls are more effective than emails is an obvious one. But, with the ways in which so many business owners conduct business these days, perhaps it isn’t so obvious to everyone. With the advent of the internet, all those years ago, came the popularity of email. And, don’t get us wrong, it’s great. Making it so much easier to send messages to people all over the world, email has revolutionized the ways in which we communicate with each other.

There is, of course, something that email can never do. It cannot provide you with a warm and friendly voice that endears you to the person you’re communicating with. It can’t immediately respond to your questions or listen to what you have to say in response to questions asked of you. Quite simply, it cannot provide the personal interactions you often need to help your business to grow.

There are numerous reasons why phone calls are more effective than emails. Here are three:

1. It helps you to conduct business a lot more efficiently. Communicating through email requires a lot of back and forth and it can take hours or even days to complete a single conversation. However, when you’re on the phone, the back and forth flows quickly between parties. As mentioned earlier, questions can be answered, banter can be exchanged and genuine connections can be made in short spans of time.

Matt Smith of Real Independent News & Film shares his thoughts about why telephones make for more effective communication tools than emails. “Emails can often land in an inbox and remain unopened or not-actioned until after the date that any action needed to be taken has passed,” he writes, “On a call, all information can be relayed, and answers or conclusions can be made and actioned there and then, without having to wait for replies.”

2. It helps to resolve problems a lot quicker. Misunderstandings happen. Every so often, we communicate our thoughts and ideas to our co-workers, colleagues and business partners and they are misinterpreted. Sometimes, this is because the messages are being passed along by a middleperson. Other times, it’s simply based on a typo. However, when two parties are on the phone, it enables them to hash out misunderstandings right away.

“If the subject matter of a conversation is of a complicated, technical, or particularly sensitive nature, an email can often lead to unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding, leading to long and drawn out email exchanges,” says Smith, “Simply picking up the telephone and dialling those that need to be involved can eliminate any room for misunderstanding.”

3. It strengthens business relationships. At TK Enterprises Inc., our incredible team of phone agents is used to making more than 250 calls per person, per day. And that means that they have a lot of experience getting to know individuals intimately. Utilizing our team to invite your customers to your next in-store event is guaranteed to provide you with a greater return than if you were to email them all. And that’s because of our team’s relationship-building skills.

“Email can prove incredibly impersonal and picking up the phone can add an extra element to an otherwise faceless, soulless exchange,” writes Smith, “Telephone calls offer you the opportunity to build stronger relationships and remain in closer contact with your business contacts.”

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