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Appointment Setting

Engaging Your Customers

Cold calling is still the most effective method of growing business, yet still the most underutilized and misunderstood prospecting activity. Investing in cold calling generates a pipeline of fresh opportunities, and has historically been profitable for most companies. Ever wonder how much cold calling your competitors are doing? Chances are we probably trained them or are setting appointments for them.

How Appointment Setting Benefits Your Business

Outsourcing your cold calling allows a company that specializes in appointment setting and lead generation to manage this process for you. That way, your company can focus on what they do best – closing sales and generating revenue.

We make cold calls to businesses across North America with the goal of setting appointments. We target specific decision makers best suited to your product or service. We then engage that decision maker in conversation with the ultimate goal of setting a highly qualified appointment for your sales people to follow up on. The appointment then becomes your “opportunity” to present the product or service and close the sale. We have over 40 years of experience in the art of cold calling.

We use highly successful cold calling techniques, including the use of proven scripts that enable us to get past the “gatekeeper”, engage the decision maker and generate a lead or an appointment for you. We spend the required time to thoroughly understand your business and industry. We are a medium size firm located in Canada on the shores of the Detroit river, and 90% of our campaigns consist of calling into the USA. All of our callers have 10-20 years of cold calling experience, calling small to mid-size businesses all the way up to setting appointments with executives of Fortune 500 companies.

At the core of our business is customer profitability. We try and make it as painless as possible for our clients to determine whether or not our technique of cold calling can be profitable for them.

To get started, all we require is for you to fill out a questionnaire, which is, in fact, your opportunity to tell us everything about your company, your product or service, and send us any existing marketing materials and scripts. We then use that information to write a customer approved script from scratch and discuss the list to be called. We provide you with daily reports that contain the data for every call made.

For Sales Managers

Should your sales people really be spending their time cold calling and appointment setting, or should that function be outsourced to a company whose core business is prospecting…something they do every day at a higher level of efficiency? Sales people are most effective when they are in front of prospects, developing relationships and generating revenue. Do you want your top sales people cold calling or closing deals? Let us show you what our cold calling and appointment setting services can do for you.


For Small Business Owners

Using our cold calling services and appointment setters is the most effective solution for both new and existing businesses. Find out what we can do for you today by giving us a call. In addition, sales training and sales seminars are a must in those areas of weakness and are critical to survival. Statistics clearly indicate that the main reason for the high failure rate in small businesses is due mostly to poor sales. Proper sales training or outsourcing your prospecting are strong ways to cure that.

What Our Clients Have To Say

We have been using TK Enterprises for our sales calls for the past 6 months and are extremely happy with not only their results, but also the level of professionalism, the transparency and the customer service they provide us with. Using their services has allowed us to grow our business and frees up our salesforce to focus on qualified leads to close deals faster.

Vanessa Koffman

Director of Marketing & Sales, Re-Source Asset Solutions

TKE Enterprises have been extremely easy to work with from the very beginning. Initially being very flexible with integrating our sales workflow with their systems, even doing some technical work to streamline the process and right through to being highly responsive to emails on day-2-day questions. Always professional, friendly and very flexible to work with.

Rob Keen

Project Expedition

In a world of technology being used as a substitute for “real people”, one way to make a great impression is through quality conversation and live contact. I found TKE after a lengthy search for a company of people who carry themselves professionally and can be an extension of our brand and my need for the highest of quality representation. For me, contact of more names, setting up face to face visits and sending a message of superior service is key. I am thrilled with the company’s choice of select callers and am impressed with how they think, communicate and work. It is a pleasure to recommend their services and leverage TKE for the pros they truly are.

John Rothwell

Vice President, Business Development , National Bank Financial Wealth Management